Kagarlitsky on Russia

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Kagarlitsky presents a picture of Russian history which he knows is
one-sided. He ignores the long and splendid tradition of peasant
risings against injustice, of rebellions within the aristocracy, and
of 1905 and 1917. And the doomed rebellions in the Gulag. Yes, there
is a side of history of the people that corresponds to Kagarlitsky's
description of it. (I think Kropotkin complains about it in his
prison writings.) But a more glorious side that is the opposite. If
you walk around Moscow you see plenty of monuments recalling this

And what's all this 'collective guilt' stuff for ? Kagarlitsky wanted
people to vote for the CP. Does he then take 'moral responsibility'
for the massacre of the Vorkhuta strikers ? No, he wants to shift the
blame for the crimes of Stalinism onto its victims.

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