On Najibullah

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Fri Oct 4 07:42:09 MDT 1996


You wrote:

>There is much in this little exchange between Rolf and Louis G.  The latter
>won hands down in terms of dignity and analysis of the situation, at least IMO.

I'm attacking the lackey activity of Najibullah, who helped
Soviet social-imperialism in its decade-long aggression against
Afghanistan. Louis G is defening that activity. If you read his
post (and have no idea of what took place) you would think there
*was* no aggression at all. He writes about purportedly positive
things done by the Quisling. Well, this may not even be completely
untrue. But the *main* thing that Quisling did was help the

And you conclude: Louis G wins the debate. A nice sort of
"socialism" *you* are representing, then, Gary.

It's called *social-imperialism* and it's in reality the
exact opposite of socialism.

Against people of your kind, the masses absolutely must
be *warned*.

It's clear how *important* that was which Mao Zedong pointed out
about the nature of the Soviet Union since the '60:s.

Rolf M.

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