Mohamad Najibullah 1947-1996. Salute to a Comrade

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You wrote:

> In 1979 Taraki was killed in a coup led by Hafizullah Amin. Three
>months later Amin himself was overthrown and killed by army and civilian
>units loyal to Pacham. Babrak Karmal returned from exile to head the new
>government and Soviet troops were invited to help restore the
>revolutionary order and deter external aggression.

Listen to this: A "revolutionary" order, under Soviet social-

This is nothing but a terroristic dictatorship of the bourgeoisie!

And "to deter"(!!) external aggression! That *was* the external
aggression, of course.

> In 1986 Najibullah became general secretary of the PDPA and president
>the following year when Karmal stepped down. The mujahedin revolt had
>been contained but the republic was undermined by the intrigues of the
>Soviet government led by Gorbachov and his clique. At the behest of the
>West, Gorbachov withdrew Soviet forces in 1989.

SOCIALISM in NOT the same thing as SOCIAL-IMPERIALISM, or the
are DIAMTERICALLY OPPOSED. The real Marxists must fight
social-imperialism just as intensively as they fight US imperialism
and it was and is quite correct for them to go into united fronts with
bourgeois forces - in the case of Afghanistan, yes, even Islamic
forces, to combat social-imperialist aggression.

Another matter is the necessity of combating islamic reaction too.
But for this to be possible for the Afghan people, for instance,
clearly the aggressor and occupying force must first be thrown out!

The defenders of such aggression are NOTHING BUT REACTIONARIES,
even extreme ones at that, no matter what cloaks of "Marxism" they
try to cover themselves with.

Rolf M.

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