On Najibullah

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Oct 4 09:17:52 MDT 1996


You wrote:

>Adam writes;

>>But to mourn Najibullah's death is ridiculous.
>>The death of one of the corrupt hypocritical Imperialist backed
>>dictators shouldn't be mourned.

>Any kind of marxist orientation goes right out the window when Adam starts
>spouting his state capitalism (social imperialist?) line here.

>Bob Malecki

No, the only one so far *upholding* some kind of progressive
and democratic orientation on this question precisely is Adam.
*Your* orientation is a pro-sociel-imperialist one and very
reactionary indeed.

Only, Adam confuses things with that (bourgeois/Trot) "Stalinism"
term which obliterates the sharp difference between SOCIALISM
one the one hand (a deformed socialism, for instance, such as
was the one in the SU under Stalin) and SOCIAL-IMPERIALISM,
on the other - maening, the system over which Brezhnev etc

You need to understand the correctnesss of Mao's analysis
in order to see these things clearly.

This is also a matter of class standpoint, of course.

Rolf M.

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