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>Revolutionary History is a journal which produces a 250-300 pages issue
>every 4-6 months. In every issue we deal with the history of the
>revolutionary left and the workers movements of one particular country or
>region. We have many reviews and sections. We had an issue on Bolivia and we
>want to have one on Peru.
>Some times we can see interesting articles on the internet. Today we will
>discuss if we can put the L. Project article on the Wolforth's book and the
>replies that he received.
>I saw a contribution on a soviet and liberated zone in Lima in 1963. we
>never listened about it. If c. Olaechea could write an article on that which
>is serious, based in real facts and with some evidence, we will be happy to
>We published an obituary defending Chiara's moral revolutionary integrity.
>If Olaechea wants to send a letter proving that he was an agent with some
>sort of evidence we can publish it, but it have to be a serious letter based
>in real facts.
>On the question that Hugo Blanco and all the Peruvian trotskyists are agents
>of the CIA or the Peruvian intelligence services it would be good if
>Olaechea can prove it. We have some articles on the activities of the
>Peruvian trotskyists which we can post to this list asking for your
>J. Villa
>Review Editor
>Revolutionary History

The Trots allege without proof that Shining Path kills "leftists" which they
proclaim as such themselves - stuff it buddy!  See what happens to you when
the accounts are settled - then you will have the proof you want - of your
obsoslescent innanity.  Revolutionary history is written by the masses in
action, not by social-democrat gas bags!


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