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           Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism

The Marxism Post: Free copy

     The current issue of "The Marxism Post", a newsletter and discussion
bulletin of the Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism, continues
our effort to engage an international discussion of basic questions of
Marxist theory.  The prominent German Marxist, Robert Steigerwald, is
author of many books on contemporary social philosophy, member of the
editorial boards of "Marxistische Bl=84tter" and the
"Marx-Engels-Foundation".  We reproduce a letter he wrote to a colleague
on the question of whether the German Democratic Republic (GDR) was a
socialist country.  Lucien S=8Ave's work, Pour une Critique de la Raison
Bio=82tique (Editions Odille Jacob, 1994) is the French author's most recen=
contribution to creative Marxist thought.  In this issue of the Post, M.=20
S=8Ave proposes a questionnaire on the state of Marxism in North America.=
We hope our readers will respond to the questionnaire by writing to Carl
Shames, 609 Canon Dr., Kensington, CA, 510-525-0276; e-mail:
<cshames at>. We continue our discussion of Russia and the former
Soviet Union with two position papers.  Mili Nikolaevitch Gretski, of the
Institute of Philosophy in Moscow, presents a theory of the nature of
Soviet socialism.  Vladimir Shevchenko, of the Philosophy Department of
the Russian Academy of State Administration in Moscow, argues for the
recognition in international law for a Russian "superethnos" that has
evolved on the basis of the Russian and Soviet empires.  Dan Goldstick
proposes a "Polemic" in which he wonders how postmodernism differs from
"Second World opportunists" who once espoused Marxism and now reject it.=20
For a free copy, write to James Lawler, Philosophy Department, SUNY at
Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 14260, tel: 716-645-2444 ext. 770, fax:
716-645-6139, e-mail:  jlawler at

APA session:

     There will be SPSM Session at the American Philosophical Association
meeting, December 28, in the Madrid room of the Mariott Marquis in
Atlanta.  The topic: "The Morality of Capitalism".  Milton Fisk, of the
University of Indiana at Bloomington, will give a paper.

Call for papers:

     SPSM will be organizing sessions at a variety of meetings and
conferences, depending on the amount of interest and the willingness of
potential organizers.  Other papers are needed for the December APA
meeting on the topic, "The Morality of Capitalism".  It would be
interesting to have a series of sessions, including at the Midwest and
West Coast APA sessions, on this same topic.  Deadlines for all of the
above: November 15.  Send proposals to Jim Lawler as above.=20

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