Afghanistan and islamic reaction : Notes of a liquidator

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Fri Oct 4 11:07:36 MDT 1996

At 3:32 PM 10/4/96, Rolf Martens wrote:

>You wrote:
>>if there was ever a country
>>that deserved to be raped, it was Afghanistan.
>So *there* we have it, quite openly: The standpoint of the
>superpowers, arch-enemies of the proletariat.
>Are there more countries you think should be raped by the
>Russian new tsarists and/or the US imperialists?

I didn't write that; I quote Alexander Cockburn saying that. I also said I
wouldn't put it that way, but that the drift of the remark was true:
Afghanistan was ruled by some truly horrible people, and the Afghan
Communists and the Red Army were a civilizing force. I don't approve of
helicopter gunships mowing down civilians, but throwing acid into the faces
of unveiled women is pretty damn horrible too.



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