Afghanistan and the Maoist-Islamic Talibans

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Fri Oct 4 10:50:44 MDT 1996

Wei Enlin,

You wrote (and why the old type trancription "En Lin",
btw? - since 1979, the other way is used in China, as
prepared in Mao's time):

>Greetings from Wei En Lin to all comrades:

>Doctrinaire and Sincere Marxists feel compelled to mourn the death of

By no means. Only doctrinaire revisionists and social-imperialists
would do so. The Soviet social-imprialists invaded one country
here in Europe, too, remember, Checkoslovakia in 1968. Did Mao
Zedong *applaud* this? On the contrary, he sharply condemned it.

>Reality is complex and messy.  Najibullah did advance the cause of women
>in Afghanistan, but his heavy-handed Stalinist  approach to politics
>revealed him to be a tool of Soviet "social-imperialism."

NOT "Stalinist". Despite everything, Stalin in the main COMBATED
revisionism. Tool of social-imperialism WITHOUT QUOTES he was.
>Marx probably would have supported the USSR's effective annexation of
>Afghanistan, as he supported Imperialist France's conquest of Tunisia
>and the US conquest of Mexican territories--these are cases of the
>oppressor being more progressive than the indigenous feudal ruling

Marx would NEVER have done so. There *are* some cases of the oppressor
being more progressive, so far correct. This by no means was the case
with aggressive social-imperialism, a mainstay of reaction.
>But the Taliban mix together Islam and Maoist ideology.  They have
>tremendous grassroots support.

Do the Taliban in some way say they're for Mao Zedong? That undoubtedly
would be a fake.

>Most unfortunate is the bare fact that a grassroots revolutionary
>political movement could not succeed at this stage if it did not combine
>feudal ideology with populist socialism.
>The same difficulty exists throughout the Islamic World.
>Wei En Lin.

So the US imperialists, for instance, should be welcomed to make
some aggression in the Middle East? I don't think that you're
the worst one among those who, indirectly, seem to be advocating
this, among the friends on this list of the Soviet social-imperialists,
but this would follow from your logic too, wouldn't it?

Rolf M.

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