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I'm forwarding a comment on Adolfo's writing of history and his political




Hugh sent to a friend a letter asking for my participation in the debate on
Lima 1963. I am not a member of marxism list, I can't receive it in my
machine and I can't participate straight away.

I am very dissapointed with Olacehea's response because I was genuinely
interested in knowing his history. At the end all appears to be a farce and
an exageration. He was only a student leader in one of the constant San
Marcos confrontations (in which I also was involved nearly 2 decades after

In this debate Olaechea didn't reply to any of the questions that I put or
to any of the criticisms of people like J Plant, Ruiz, Hugh, Poder Obrero,
etc. He only shows that:

1- He is a story-teller. In 1963  in Lima he claims there was a soviet or
liberated zone, and even more, led by 20 years old Olacehea. The only
organisation which was making "liberated areas" in the early 1960s was the
Revolutionary Left Front and the hundreds of peasant unions led by Hugo

The PCP was expelling trotkyists from the students committees in Lima
because it was supporting Belaunde in the presidential elections (1956-63),
something that he couldn't deny.

2- Olaechea is an slander machine. Everybody which is not with him is a CIA
agent. He doesn't know anything about Poder Obrero or any of the Peruvian
people that criticised him, but they are agents. Quispe, a PCP supporter,
is an agent. Now he said that Hugo Blanco is a CIA agent.

Blanco was the leader of the most important peasant uprising in the 1950s
and 1960s. He was put in jail by all the governments since the early 1960s.
In 1978,  the first elections after 10 years of military junta, he received
12% of the votes and rapidly became the most popular figure in peruvian
politics. Blanco organised a electoral front (ARI) which advocated the
expropriation of the entire capitalist class and workers control and
militias. I disagree with Blanco because he adopted pro-Maoist policies in
the early 1960s and because he dissolved in the left reformist PUM in the
late 1980s. nevertheless, Blanco was a revolutionary fighter.

3- A person that was completely absent from Peruvian class struggle for
around 30 years has to show some little respect for other people. Adolfo
Olaechea was not part of any of the more than a dozen general strikes. he
was not involved in any of the hundreds of factory occupations or radical
strikes. He even was not involved in the actions which self-sacrificing
PCP_Shinning Path militants made risking their lives in the last 16 years
of people's war. He doesn't have anybody around him. He most probably
doesn't participate in the British class struggle. His only job is to use
the internet to write non senses every day.

4- In conclusion. It is not worth discussing with a person like him.
He completely distort reality. he never reply political questions. His only
answer is that you are an spy, a CIA agent, a member of the Peruvian
police, etc. This accusation is very serious. Many good comrades were
killed by the PCP-SL only because they were accused of that. Stalin killed
millions using that label. In fact, the PCP-Shinning Path is in decline.
Most of their members left the arm struggle and the supporters of Gonzalo's
National Agreement are collaborating actively with Fujimori against the
left. When they were in armed opposition they kill HUNDREDS of trade
unionists and left-wingers. Now they are becoming Fujimori's supporters.

5- I defend the PCP-SL fighters against repression. I am in favour of the
unconditional release of all anti-imperialist prisoners.The trotkyists in
Peru are fighting for united front actions with the unions and the left to
resist Fujimori attacks. We ask the few PCP-SL which continue opposing
Gonzalo's "national agreement for peace" to subordinate their weapons and
militias to the decisions of the workers and peasant assemblies and
movement and that, instead of maintaining a sectarian sterile militarist
campaign, they should build a united front.

To Adolfo we only ask to be more humbled, to don't slander other people and
to do some practical work amongst the Peruvian masses. It is good that he
could translate documents for the PCP but a cadre like him, which claim to
be the leader of a Soviet in Peruvian capital when he was only 20 years
old, is losing his time expending hours each day in writing in the
internet. He should cease to insult everybody and should return and help
his comrades risking his skin.

J. Ponce

If somebody lie and slander the best thing is to ignorehim because he is
not serious at all.

If Olaechea wants to accuse me of being an agent he can do that like he can
do with everybody. I confess I am. I am an agent for a workers revolution.

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