Louis P repeats libel, demands Bob prove he's innocent!

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Oct 4 16:44:38 MDT 1996

Louis P gives us another nasty putdown:

>Is he
>a cop? I think so. Can I "prove" this? No, as I already said I couldn't.

Why the "quotes"? Proof is proof is proof.

>On the other hand, Malecki/Malinovsky has not been able to provide the
>list with any corroborating evidence. You would think that somebody
>this accomplished as an anti-imperialist would have a single
>newspaper clipping in his possession.

He has so, it's just that Louis dismisses it as impermissible.

>All he would have to do is
>email Rodwell and say, "Check out the Cleveland Plain-Dealer Oct. 13,
>1969. There's a big article about my activities: Blue-collar Worker
>Destroys Draft Files". Hugh would go to the library, make a copy, and
>start sending it to people like Hans Ehrbar.

This is the point. *Louis* himself claimed that *he himself* would destroy
Malecki by proving him a liar. Recently he's been backpedalling like mad
trying to persuade everybody that it was Malecki who'd been talking about
providing conclusive proof of everything.

Louis's method is inquisition stuff. Guilty till proven innocent. Better
burn ten people if you might get a witch among them, than let nine innocent
people live if it means you let a witch escape. It's Adolfo's method, too.
Everyone you disagree with is labelled a police spy. Convenient... Proof?
Let the spy prove he's innocent! Dirty, filthy spy! And of course the
biggest benefit of this course of action is that normal people with a sense
of solidarity don't answer like with like and peddle the same criminal
libels back.

So let Louis and Adolfo continue their campaigns of lies and slander --
they've pumped so much shit around them now that it'll soon be up to their
lying mouths.

>Think how damaging this would be to me.

Louis, in the centre as always ;-), doesn't realize he's already done
himself quite irreparable damage in the eyes of all fair-minded subscribers
to m1.

>But no, Malinovsky/Malecki can not do this.

Louis keeps repeating his libel. Where's the proof of this libel??

>Since the only
>thing Rodwell is interested in is destroying this nest of Menshevik
>vipers called M1 and to be called M-I, I am not surprised he is so
>protective of Malinovsky/Malecki.

This is a defamatory lie. Quite in character.

M1 is more than mensheviks, but Louis only sees mensheviks as people, all
his enemies (and they are legion) are viewed by him as disrupters, outside
ringleaders, cops -- the usual ruling class tripe.

Not much time left to make good Louis's vainglorious boast that he would
destroy Malecki by proving him a liar.

Not much Hard Intellectual Work in accusing someone of being a police spy
and then going red in the face demanding they should prove they're



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