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UNITE! Info #16en: 1/2 China '76 on new tsars & Africa
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Recently, some people writing to the Jefferson Village Virginia
Marxism list have expressed their great grief at the execution of
Najibullah, the former puppet of Soviet social-imperialism during
that reactionary power's aggression against Afghanistan, 1979-
1988, and have openly stated their wholehearted support for that

One of them even quoted with approval: " If there was ever a
country that deserved to be raped, it was Afghanistan."(!) Others
were not quite so candid. Some preferred to make believe they
had never heard of any Soviet aggression against that country.

But those are all persons who want people to believe that
they are "Marxists", that they support the interests of the
international proletariat and the oppressed peoples! Here the
dividing line between genuine socialism and phoney, between
Marxism on the one hand  and revisionism on the other, stands
out very clearly indeed.

Mao Zedong, chairman of the Communist Party of China until his
death in 1976, very clearly pointed out the arch-reactionary
nature of the revisionist regime in the Soviet Union which resulted
>from the overthrow of socialism in that country in the late 1950:s,
and called on the peoples in the whole world also to combat
Soviet social-imperialism, a superpower which by the 1970:s was
competing with US imperialism for world hegemony and was one
of the two main pillars of international reaction.

Today it's still necessary to expose and combat such impostors
who in the name of "socialism" in reality *advocate imperialist
aggressions* against weaker countries in the whole world. They
flagrantly speak with the voice of the old, today fortunately largely
defeated, aggressive and oppressive social-imperialist forces of
yesterday, a voice which was the same in essence, of course, as
is that of the main international oppressor today, U.S. imperialism.
The openly bourgeois media still are always calling such forces
"Marxists". They by no means are such. They are the very opposite.
For the real Marxists, it's absolutely necessary to make that clear
to all.

As an example of what stand the Chinese communists took in
regard to such social-imperialist aggressions as the later one
against Afghanistan (which occurred when China too, most
unfortunately, had been reconquered by the bourgeoisie), I
reproduce here an article published in the Peking Review,
issue No. 42 / 1976, on 15 October 1976. Chairman Mao had
then recently died. But China was still - for a while; this was
soon to be changed too - following his correct, genuinely
proletarian internationalist and very successful line in foreign
policy, as this article also shows. Here is the standpoint of
genuine Marxists on such questions.

It can be noted that precisely some of those "arguments"
which the social-imperialists themselves used back in the
1970:s to "justify" their aggressive designs against African
states have been dug up again today by the present oh-so-
"Marxist" defenders of their aggression against Afghanistan.
Wary indeed should the peoples of countries in the Third World,
not least, the oppressed peoples of so-called "underdeveloped"
countries, be against such "friends".

>From Peking Review No 42 / 1976:


Following their armed intervention in Angola, the new tsars have
gone further in their keen rivalry with U.S. imperialism to dominate
Africa. With a view to whitewashing their unabated expansion
and infiltration into the continent, they have advanced one
preposterous argument after another, trying to justify their
encroachment upon Africa.

The African people, on the other hand, are alerted by what the
new tsars have said and done on their continent. They are
standing up to the Kremlin overlords and exposing their lies and

After the events in Angola, Moscow's mouthpieces cockily
declared that further development of African events depended to
a considerable degree on its "victory in Angola". This victory, so
they said, had established "the freedom train to run full steam
ahead to the Cape of Good Hope" and had opened up for the
future Africa "new vistas of progress". Thus, the new tsars
became the benevolent saviours of the African people!

According to the Soviet revisionist gentlemen, they alone can
deliver the Africans from their distress and misery for two

One. Africa is backward. Most of the African nations "are sadly
underdeveloped, with limited manpower and inadequate natural
resources...nor are there competent cadres".

Two. The African states are polarizing toward two extremes -
the "progressive" and the "reactionary" - and this polarization is
"deepening year after year".

Consequently, it was claimed, African development is to be
"determined by external factors". "(African) development would
be difficult without foreign assistance." Only by "closely co-
operating" with the Soviet Union "is it possible for Africa to
advance smoothly towards social progress".

These insidious assertions flow from the same logic as that of
the old-run colonialist aggressors. It is only natural that the
African people should rise to challenge and refute them.

The new tsars' "Africa-is-backward" is a malicious slander. It
serves as a cover for their expansion and subjugation of the
African people. It is common knowledge that the African
continent which abounds in resources has always been a
glittering prize in the eyes of the competing colonialists and

Yet the new tsars, out of ulterior motives, alleged the
continent's "insufficiency". It is also common knowledge that
the underdevelopment of the African economy is the result of
wanton plunder on the part of the colonialists and neo-
colonialists. Yet the new tsars, who have a guilty conscience,
have refrained from mentioningt his historical fact. Many
African people have come to see the new tsars for what
they are and call them "the biggest hypocrites" and "the vipers
one must be on guard against".

Public opinion in Africa has explicitly pointed out: "The problem
of development is in essence a political problem". In his article
"Backward Europe and advanced Asia" written over 60 years
ago, Lenin said: *"Who does not know that Europe is advanced
and Asia backward? But the words taken for this title contain a
bitter truth."*

Is it not true that the present relationship between the Soviet
Union and Africa also contains such a bitter truth? A handful of
renegades in the Soviet Union, a self-styled country of
"advanced socialism", are carrying out criminal aggression and
pushing neo-colonialism in Africa; at the same time, hundreds
of millions of awakened people in Africa, a continent they
slanderously describe as "backward", are seeing through the
ugly features of the revisionist new tsars and waging a tit-fot-tat
struggle against them.

The Egyptian Government and people tore the mask off the
Soviet revisionists who claimed to be their "natural ally", boldly
declared the abrogation of the Egyptian-Soviet "treaty of
friendship and co-operation" and cancelled the provision of
facilities for the Soviet navy. Zaire sternly condemned the
Soviet interventionist troops for the barbarous crime of bombing
its border city. It solemnly affirmed that "the Zairian people are
ready to meet Soviet subversive menace and aggression".

The Sudan flatly rejected a despicable Soviet revisionist
proposal which was in fact blackmail to raise the cost of an "aid"
project - a hospital. African students in their demonstrations
shouted: "Soviet social-imperialism, get out of Africa!" An
increasing number of African countries refuse to take Soviet
aggression lying down and dare to confront the "colossus"
openly. All these things fully demonstrate that Africa of today
is an advanced Africa and an awakened Africa.

[Continued in part 2/2]

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