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UNITE! Info #16en: 2/2 China '76 on new tsars & Africa=20
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[Continued from part 1/2 - Article in Peking Review No. 42 / 1976

"The theory of African polarization" is a reactionary theory
deliberately created by the new tsars for dividing Africa. They
supported one organization and opposed the other two in
Angola. Now they have divided the African countries into two
groups - "progressive" and "reactionary" - in accordance with
their attitude towards the Soviet revisionists. African public=20
opinion penetratingly pointed out that Soviet revisionism "is
dividing Africa down the middle".

Because of their reverse acts, the new tsars find themselves
in a position of acute antagonism to the African people. Let us
unite, act in solidarity and "fight against those trying to re-
colonize Africa" - this has become a common militant slogan
of the numerous African countries and their people.

Zambian President Kaunda pointed out: "Africa's power lies in
the unity of its people and nations", whose "supreme principle"
is "no intervention by foreign forces in Africa". Many African
leaders in their statements, public opinion on the African=20
continent and participants in international conferences have
openly denounced the Soviet scheme to sow dissension and
stressed militant unity in Africa.

At the Extraordinary Summit Conference of the Organization of
African Unity held last January, a vast number of African=20
countries stood up to Soviet pressure and frustrated the Soviet
scheme to break up the O.A.U. In July, the 13th O.A.U. Summit
Conference once again demonstrated the will of African
countries to strengthen their militant unity, solemnly declaring
that "we will never divide". Unity and co-operation have been
developed in breadth and depth between African countries and
national-liberation organizations, between African and Arab
countries, and between the African countries themselves. This
is a powerful rebuff to the new tsars who try to break up Africa.

The theory that "foreign aid decides everything" is an out-and-
ou gangster theory concocted by the new tsars who assert that=20
the weak should fall prey to the strong. By "foreign aid", they
mean Soviet infiltration and expansion; and by "deciding
everything", they mean that the destiny of the African people
must be decided by them.

>From their bitter experience in dealing with the Soviet Union,
many African countries have clearly understood just what
Soviet "aid" is. The Egyptian people angrily pointed out: "The
Russians are coming with their eyes and pockets wide open
and arms stretching out...", "they try to colonize other nations
in the name of friendship". A Kenyan paper said: "Conditions
attached to Soviet aid were even sometimes worse than Western=20
aid", "political domination is precisely what Moscow is seeking".
 Zairian public opinion pointed out: "The present activities of=20
the Soviets in Africa show that the intentions they publicly=20
professed are just perfidious talk insulting the people of the=20

"The destiny of Africa must be held in the hands of the Africans",
and "Africa's problems must be solved by the Africans themselves".=20
These are the strong demands of the 400 million African people.=20
The people of southern Africa in their struggle for national=20
liberation have put forward their clear-cut slogan "Let us be=20
freed by ourselves".

The African countries are fully confident that they can uproot
colonialism in all its forms and completely win their continent's
liberation by relying mainly on the African people's own efforts.
Those African countries which have won independence have
quickened their tempo in consolidating political independence
and seeking economic independence. They resolutely oppose
superpower exploitation, plunder and control and demand the
establishment of a new economic order.

At the same time, in keeping with their own conditions and
characteristics, they have repeatedly taken active steps to get
rid of the colonialist and neo-colonialist yoke step by step,
and have achieved gratifying successes in promoting the
national economy, culture, education and cadre-training.
>From their firsthand experience they are deeply aware that
one must rely neither on U.S. imperialism nor on the new
tsars. To rely on them will bring one endless trouble. The only
way out is to count on one's own efforts.

The African countries and people want independence, liberation=20
and revolution, while the new tsars want intervention,
aggression and expansion. These two are diametrically=20
opposed to each other, and the contradictions between them=20
are irreconciliable. As the Soviet revisionists and the U.S.
imperialists are contending for domination of Africa, the
African peoples are sure to rise against those two hegemonic
powers and stand up to them. The new tsars who try to hoodwink=20
the public with a rotten colonialist fallacy are bound to be=20
badly battered!

(A commentary by Hsinhua Correspondent, September 30)

[So far the article in the Peking Review No. 42 / 1976.]

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