On Najibullah. On Rolf's involuntary usefulness.

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Oct 4 17:01:56 MDT 1996

Lord Louis N. P.

You wrote:

(quoting me here:)
>> And *what* do "your" united Trotskyists and other revisionists
>> say about, for instance, the Soviet social-imperialist decade-long
>> aggression against Afghanistan?
>> That would be even more interesting.
>Louis P.: Um, let's see, I was sort of sympathetic to the Alex Cockburn
>position which I guess you would call "social-imperialist". But why
>quibble, Rolf, just stick to this sort of thing and leave the fucking
>plutonium alone and everything will be o.k.

I thank your squireship for your candour on the Quisling act.

And I note that you're not only afraid of plutonium, but even
of talk about that poor innocent (but, for cheap energy, very
useful) chemical element. Poor lords! Poor ultra-rightist bourgeoisie!
How dreadful this present world must seem to them!

Have you by any chance read what Marx & Engels wrote on "feudal
socialism" in the Communist Manifesto? Try it, as a mirror!

Rolf M.

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