Lima 1963 and Adolfo

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Fri Oct 4 16:44:28 MDT 1996

I've just received another letter on Adolfo's Lima soviet, so here it is.




Olaechea is a slander machine.

I asked to Olaechea very simple questions which he couldn't answer. He
showed that he is a story-teller. He can talk to people from outside Peru
what he wants, but nobody in Peru will believe in him. In his total
incapacity to show that he was speaking other thing than lies, he started to
attack me as a United Left person and even as a police agent. At the same
time he doesn't know who I am.

I was against the formation of United Left in 1980. I fight day by day in
Peru against them. I was not in a nice exile supporting Gorbachev or any
blocks with national bourgeoisies.

He said:

"That is enough of the PONCE's of Fujimori and the PONCE of
PONCES = Hugh Orwell from MI6 and lately collaborator of SIN as a forwarding
agent for their slanders."

I don't have time for this person. He is a complete charlatan. In London,
when he only is writing in the internet every day, he could invent the
reality that he wants.

He could say that he led a Soviet in Lima 1963 when it didn't exist.

He could say that everybody in the planet are CIA agents except his clsoe

He could deny that Gonzalo capitulated to Fujimori and betrayed his comrades.

Anything is possible to expect from a person like that. I would recommend
other people to ignore him. If somebody could ask him a question he would
became an agent. He is even discredited amongst the PCP supporters. I have
respect for people which sacrifice his life, even making mistakes (like the
PCP-SL), but a person  which only tells lies and play the "people's war"
>from a comfortable room near the Queen and the City, doesn't have to have
any kind of respect.

J. Ponce
Lima, 3 October 1996

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