Squire Proyect on discussing Najibullah

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Oct 4 16:52:58 MDT 1996

I think it may be of some interest to other list subscribers
to see what Louis N. Proyect wrote directly to me - I'm certain
I'm not betraying any personal secrets of his by reproducing it.

In reply to the below I'd like to point out one quite good
reason for my posting half a dozen (the good squire is sometimes
liable to exaggerate a little) postings on Najibullah: This theme
shows up just so fantastically well the dividing line between
genuine and phoney Marxism. Doesn't it? And I just added a posting
in two parts, my Info #16en, which is not directly on Afghanistan
(though the theme is mentioned in an Intro Note) but on the
principle involved - superpower aggression in Africa some years
earlier (in 1976) and what the Chinese Marxists thought of that.

The Duke of Proyect will not like that either perhaps? Well,
I don't think that's any disadvantage in a posting.

Rolf M.

Here's what Louis N.P. wrote to me:

Rolf, goddamn it, don't you see what your problem is? This seems to be
about the nineteenth screed you've written today on Najibullah and I can't
distinguish one from another. You have to adjust to the idea that this
kind of behavior will be strictly verboten on the new moderated list.
Nineteen posts a day on Najibullah is likely to frighten any sane person
away. Go over to Hans' unmoderated list when it is launched and post
nineteen times about Najibullah, god bless you. You remind me of a lunatic
uncle in a Gothic novel who is kept locked up in the attic. Once a day,
the new houseservant brings food and places it within a narrow slot in the
door. From within, in between the sounds of ravenous chomping, she hears,
"Najibullah, Plutonium, Najibullah, Plutonium."

[So far Louis N.P.]

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