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Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Oct 5 00:50:30 MDT 1996

>On Fri, 4 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>> Louis is the one who hurled the criminal accusations at Bob, and boasted
>> loud and clear that he would *dig out the proof* whatever the cost in terms
>> of Hard Intellectual Work, and also that he would have Malecki's balls for
>> breakfast.
>Louis: OK, let's get this straight once and for all. I have declared
>Malinovsky/Malecki to be innocent of all criminal accusations over and
>over again. He did not destroy draft files. He did not "destroy" the Dow
>Chemical computer (what a laugh!).
>And I did the ultimate hard intellectual work. I read Malecki's memoir
>from beginning to end. Anybody who believes, as Rodwell does, that this is
>anything but bullshit doesn't deserve to call themselves a Marxist. I am
>done with Malinovsky/Malecki by the way. I have convinced myself that the
>only verifiable political act in his life was helping to destroy M1. Is he
>a cop? I think so. Can I "prove" this? No, as I already said I couldn't.

Ahh, Proyect the yellow journalist finally admits that he has no proof! Thus
the only thing he is doing and has been doing all the time is slandering and
lying about Malecki.

The big expose turns out to be a big fizzle!  But it did get you back on
"unity" Proyect and you did actually get jefferson village to apply a new
political norm. Lying and slander about people  is allowed at Jefferson
Village without any proof!

In fact one can produce any kind of lies and slander here and continue as
usual.And Louis continues to do just that with a new twist. No longer does
he have to provide the proof he claimed he was gathering. Now it is Malecki
that has to supply the proof that the lying accusations by Proyect are not
true! Very strange coming from the "Marxists" at Jefferson Village. Any
*real* Marxist would condemn Proyect now as the liar and slander he is.

What principles our "marxists" at Jeffferson Village have i doubt that they
can even get it up now to condemn Proyect now that he even admits he has no
proof nor will or can supplu proof.

For someone without principles this leaves the door wide open. For example i
could say here quite brazenly that Aldolfo who claims he was building the
first Soviet in Peru back in the sixties is a lie! In fact i know he was in
Cleveland with the Weatherman at the Davis Cup Tennis matches!

But to do such a thing would be unprincipled. So instead i will continue to
stick to the truth and say. Aldolfo who claims he was building the first
Soviet in Peru back in the sixties is about as politically correct as if the
weatherman  in Cleveland claimed that they built the first Soviet in the
United States  at the Davis Cup Tennis matches!

Bob Malecki

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