Lima 1963 and Adolfo

Louis R Godena louisgodena at
Fri Oct 4 17:14:32 MDT 1996

Hugh relays another installment from Mr "J Ponce"

>[Adolfo Oleachea] is even discredited amongst the PCP supporters. I have
>respect for people which sacrifice his life, even making mistakes (like the
>PCP-SL), but a person  which only tells lies and play the "people's war"
>from a comfortable room near the Queen and the City, doesn't have to have
>any kind of respect.

Hugh,  this is beneath you.    You certainly have enough on the ball to
engage in debate with others without resorting to this sort of thing,  don't
you?    Who,  exactly,  is Mr/Ms(?) Ponce?    How  is s/he able to write
openly,  as a purported "revolutionary",   from "Lima".

I know Adolfo Oleachea personally.    I know that he has been fined one half
billion dollars by the Fujimori government,   which has sentenced him *in
absentia* to life in prison.     I know that he is unable to leave Britain
because of the actions of the Thatcher/Major governments,  and that they are
continuing their efforts to have him extradited back to Peru.    I know that
he is the object of no little interest to American law enforcement agencies,
and that he is on an Interpol "watch list."    I know that in his writings
and his activism he is a dedicated enemy and implacable foe of international
reaction.    He lives openly and fearlessly and eschews aliases and the
subterfuge common to armchair radicals.    He exists.   He is real.

As for the character "Ponce":   well,  for all I know he's some guy in a
checkered coat.

Shame on you,  Rodwell.

Louis Godena

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