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>You wrote:

>>Louis is absolutely right on this question. In fact Martens and the Maoists
>>are trying to cover their tracks. It was these kinds of people they were
>>supporting against the Soviet Union's intervention in Afghanistan why
>>Trotskyist defended. And now when the political program of these
>>fundementalists is seen for everybody Martens is covering his ass. By the
>>way they did the same thing in Iran. But in Iran the Maoists themselves
>>wound up in the torture cells of the Mullahs.
>>Although in noway can i take responsibility for the Soviet Unions
>>intervention the reforms were a good step and should be defended.
>Ah, so you "don't" take responsibilty for that aggression?

No; Trotskyists do not take responsibility for anything the Stalinists do.
In Afghanistan it was the then Soviet Union a degenerated workers state
which sent its forces in to occupy and battle Isalamic fundementalists
backed up by imperialism and the Islamic states like Pakistan and Iran. In
that struggle we stand on the side of then then Soviet Union. But that does
not mean taking responsibility for the way the Stalinists did the operation.
>What you in reality are doing *is* defend that aggression.

YES! If the Soviet Union despite the Stalinists would have crushed the
Islamic fundementalists it would have been a step forward! Trotskyists do
take sides between feudal Islamic fundementalism and the former degenerated
Workers States.
Because if the Stalinists had won. we would not have been seeing what is
going on in Kabul today which is not a step forward but a leap backward into
the middle ages!
>On the side of the people, fighting the social-imperialist
>aggression, there *were* some quite reactionary forces. But
>they were NOT as reactionary as those so-called "Marxists"
>are who're still, today, defending and condoning the rape
>of Afghansistan.

Bulllshit. The Maoists politics on the National Question are completely
bankrupt. Because you wind up defending Islamic fundementalists which means
that you but bougeois soverniety of the national state before the struggle
of classes.
>There *may* indeed have been a positive aspect of the
>actions of those people in Afghanistan who weclomed the
>aggressor. But that was, if so, naturally completely a
>*minor* aspect compared to the *main* thing they did.

Their is a big deference for poor and working class people in the reforms
that the Stalinist bureaucracy brought with it to Afghanistan and the
reforms now being carried through by the Islamic fundementalists.
>The defence of Najibullah by some people who call themselves
>"Marxists" one more time show the enormous importance of
>that correct and very sharp differentiation which was made
>by Mao Zedong between,

Trotskyists would never have any tears for Najibullah, but between
Najibullah and the Islamic fundementalists we would certainly take sides.
However in that war the Trotskyists would organize its own military
detachments independently of the pro Stalinist forces. Linking the struggle
not only to smashing Islamic fundementalism but the overthrow of the
Stalinist bureaucracy in the Soviet Union back then!
>on the one hand: SOCIALISM,

Rolf is trying to tell us that the Islamic fundementalists were fighting for
socialism along with Pakistan and Iran?
>and on the other hand: REVISIONISM (including TROTSKYISM) and

The bankrupt policy of the Maoists, just like the bankrupt policies of the
State capitalists leads towards a complete capitulaion to Islamic
fundementalism and imperialism. That is the bottom line. You were on the
side of reaction. A line which is clearly shown today in Kabul and yesterday
in Iran.

Only a trotskyist party of World Revolutuion can solve the crisis of
leadership that the bankrupt Stalinists and their state capitlaists lackey
friends have shown on this question as many others.

Bob Malecki


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