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And even more liberal gossip from "unity". And i thought this list was a
serious attempt to build the 9 and 1/2 International.. So far the main
attraction is a yellow journalist who hates Trotskyism and Henwood the
liberal at jefferson village.

Bob Malecki

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>Well, a couple of people asked me about Barry Goldwater's endorsement of
>Bill Clinton, so I did a search in the Washington Post database. Here's the
>story. I have no idea what this all means, but maybe Barry's showing his
>age, or maybe he meant what he said at first and some folks took him to the
>>The Washington Post, August 05, 1996, FINAL Edition
>>By: John E. Yang
>>Section: A SECTION, p. A08
>>Story Type: News National
>>Line Count: 19    Word Count: 217
>>Conservative  Republican  patriarch  Barry  Goldwater said yesterday he was
>>only  joking when he suggested he could choose Democratic President Clinton
>>over his Republican rival Robert J. Dole.
>>During  a  scholarship  forum  on  Saturday, Goldwater told his audience he
>>thinks  Clinton  is  doing  a good job. "I don't care if he's a Democrat or
>>Republican -- I would rather he be a Republican. But I think Mr. Clinton is
>>going to be a good president," the Associated Press quoted him as saying.
>>   And  when  asked  what  he thought of this year's election and who might
>>win,  the  87-year-old Goldwater drew laughter when he said, "I would first
>>vote for Dole if he was the only one running, but . . ."
>>   Goldwater,  the  GOP's  presidential nominee in 1964, then explained his
>>feelings about Clinton, saying, "I don't have to get in bed with him. But I
>>think he's a good president and he has a very good wife."
>>   Yesterday,  Goldwater  said  his comments were made "in jest. . . . I am
>>Arizona  chairman  of the Dole for President Campaign, support Senator Dole
>>and intend to vote for my friend, Bob Dole, in November."
>>   The  Saturday  remarks  may  have seemed plausible because Goldwater has
>>taken  some stands that have displeased conservative Republicans, including
>>supporting  gays  in the military and his earlier alignment with a possible
>>candidacy of retired Gen. Colin L. Powell.
>>DESCRIPTORS: Politicians;  Presidential candidates

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