Najibullshit & "national liberation"

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dear friends,

On Afghanistan, what in hades do any of these Afghani warring clans have to do
with the liberation of
The Nabibullshit forces were/are  tools of russian imperialism for almost 20
years  and became their absolute  proxies and stooges in "power" in Kabul . When
Russia invaded Afghanistan outright in 1979, they had to fly in Najibullshit and
his petit bourgeois ontourage from Prague , Czechoslovakia!!!
 If one can stomach the Russian occupation and tutelage (domination) over
then if one were consistent one could alibai for US imperialisms tutelage
(brigandage) over Haiti, Grenada,
Panama, etc !!!. in other words, apologists for the murderous crimes of
imperialists east and west.

The big probelem/confusion  here   is that most leftists, Mao people , Trotskys
, Soc. democrats, etc.
still think the national liberation of the 19th century is still 'progressive or
even possible in the 20th cent..
These nat'l.  movements were progressive up until the pre- WW1 periods,  but at
that time capitalist relations  came to envelope/dominated   most the whole
world . Hence so-called national (bourgeois) "liberation' movements ended up
having to come under one wing or another or a combination of wings of the
dominant imperialist s powers to get into-- or to stay in power.
These  bourgeois movements immediately smothered the proletarian (minority )
organizations in rivers of blood & otherwise savagly repress--ed the
 E.g. China, 1927, Turkey, 1925, Indonesia, 1966, Angola 1974-? , Zimbabwe,
Algeria, Sri Lanka, Albania, ExYugo- Bosnia/Serbia/Croatia 1992, Burundi-Ruanda
1993 etc. etc et al.

 To Cde. wei en lin : when Marx backed nat libbing , it was in a different age
of capitalist development, the age
before modern capitalist relations-- imperialism  and monopoly grew dominant in
the world. It was a period when new  national capitals  could really expand  and
historically had to shove aside and roll over serious  backward feudalistic
barriers.These conditions do not exist in very many parts of the world today,
only isolated, desolate and marginal regions.

Even then Marx/Engels were selective , (critically) for nat libbs in Italy,
Germany, Poland, etc.. Back and forth on Ireland based on the class motions- .
Against  national independence  in Serbia, US occupied  southwest,  US
Confederacy, etc. There was no- "iron law" to support nat-libbs from
marx/engels! The overall interests of the class struggle in ther time  was what
they stoutly defended, we should do the same and look more critically as to why
the Comintern and bolshevism ,while critical of nat-libbers in the
revolutionaryupsurge post-ww1, reversed itself in search of allies and trade
when the post war revolutionary wave was  smashed by the bourgeois reaction..

The nationalism of today reeks of backward and reactionary  filth against the
unity of the working class all over the world. This is why the bourgeois and
petty bourgeois currents are so infected with this disease in their eopch of
decadence  --and for exploiter class hegemony, they try to inculcate this
ideological poision onto the workers in all nations.

This so-called 'self determination ' of nations is a fraud in our age .  It got
so bad that even a champ nat-libber Amilcar Cabral (Guinea Bissau) , began to
question it toward the end of his life! This "national independence in this
epoch  is really the means to split the proletariat into section so the big
imperialists and their "nationalist third world"  junior bourgeois and petty
bourgeois  hangers on can exploit and rob the producing class.

In our age , there is not much more a nausiating spectacle than the "nat libbed"
despots (usually in fatigues with a big .45 cal. pistol or an  AK47 assault gun
) slobbering all over themselves trying to procalim they have something to do
with Marxism!!!! ( tihis At least until recently--now most have become IMF and
World Bank clients  and Bank of America champions, esp . with the fall of the
state caps in E. Europe and exUSSR)! They have at least shown their true
criminal exploiter colors!
For those in the 'left' who want to STILL paint up these capitalist outposts as
something liberatory, even 'socialist'(sic) , go ask the workers in these
counrtries about the oh so wonderful condtion s of sweated labor they have!!! No
, on second thought don;t do that, youwould only put these "nationally
liberated" workers lives and their families too in greater peril!
Also friends, look at the how the nationally liberated states engage in
joint-capital plunder of the masses!
Take Saudi-arabia, Oman,  Zaire , for example.

Today the proletariat , in unity across borders is the only force for social
progress , in  struggle for human liberation.The petty bourgeois a la the
Talbanists and theri masters in Pakistan, Iran, etc. may throw down some crumbs
to the masses as a tactic to cool out  the people, but in the end they only turn
their feifdoms and despotisms into another wage slavery frying pan , one where
the biggest and highest bidding imperialists can put their imperialist meat


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