Najibullshit & "national liberation"

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Oct 5 06:31:15 MDT 1996

On 5 Oct 1996, neil wrote:

> The nationalism of today reeks of backward and reactionary  filth against the
> unity of the working class all over the world. This is why the bourgeois and
> petty bourgeois currents are so infected with this disease in their eopch of
> decadence  --and for exploiter class hegemony, they try to inculcate this
> ideological poision onto the workers in all nations.

Louis: This type of rhetoric is poison. If we allow this sort of thing to
go in M-I, we will face an immediate crisis. Substitute "feminism" or
"trade unionism" or "solidarity movements" for "nationalism" and you would
get the same exact "thought" from "neil".

The left in 1996 has learned to evolve beyond this sort of stupidity, but
we are vulnerable to the intervention of 5 member "vanguards of the
proletariat" on our mailing list. This stuff absolutely has to disappear
or else a space *must be created* in which it is prohibited.

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