"I was just a fucking nutcase"

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sat Oct 5 08:43:58 MDT 1996

The patients on section 8 did have one
thing in common. We were all being
drugged by the hospital staff and
doctors. The drug being used was
Thorazine and in fairly large doses!
Thorazine turns you into a vegetable! It
is a drug used to keep people calm and
when your given Thorazine you are calm.
So I like most of the patients was put
on Thorazine.

Maybe you should give us a break and go
back on Thorazine.

Soon after I arrived on Section 8, I
think one week had gone by a new patient
arrived on the ward, in the bed next to
mine. A young man who called himself Ed
Cameron. Ed C. did not say to much the
first two days, but then he really came
on to me. He claimed that he had been a
petty officer on an atomic submarine
stationed off of Cuba!

He said that he had been charged with
giving secret plans to the Russians and
Cubans about the boat he was on. He
claimed he tried to commit suicide while
on guard duty with a 45 army colt! He
also claimed this was not true but that
he did support the Cubans against the
Americans. Can you believe this one week
after arriving on the nut ward this guy
turns up with his story. I was naive and
stupid but not that stupid!

Can I believe that one week after you
arrived on the nut ward, a guy with a
story like that turns up? Of course, you
have turned up on the Spoons Marxism
list with the same story. Unfortunately,
there are still one or two people who
still believe it.

One of the things Ed C. would talk about
often was his hate of John Kennedy! He
was the one who was trying to start a
third world war in Cuba. According to Ed
C., Kennedy was dangerous, a fucking
liberal who would get us all killed. Ed
C. went on and on about this stuff. I
certainly did not say anything to oppose
this basically because I had no idea
what the fuck he was talking about.

I mean I had not even turned 21 years
old at this time and I had been
traveling around the world the last
three and a half years. However I
realized that Ed C. was not really
interested in me. He was interested in
what my friends were doing. I realized
that he new a lot about how the kids in
N.Y.C. were supporting Cuba and why.

OK, let me get this straight. A guy
shows up in the mental ward who said he
was giving secret plans to the Russians.
The next thing that happens is that he
starts prying into what your "friends"
in NY were doing. But apparently he is
not a real mental patient but only
pretending to be one. He is on a secret
mission to discover what Malecki's pals,
the Dead End Kids, were doing to support

But Ed C. was not any working class kid
and the why he talked smelled
conspiracy. He was an upper-class kid
>from Boston. There ain't no fucking way
he could get me to trust him. I thought
he was trying to find out about my
friends and their smuggling operations.
But I did not realize until years later,
that this guy was Naval Intelligence and
probably was trying to set up both me
and my friends for a whole lot of other
shit.. I thought however it was just a
case of smuggling at this time. So I let
him talk and I listened. However I did
not have to take Thorazine and I could
do pretty much what I wanted on the

OK, this guy from Naval Intelligence
gets himself committed to the loony bin
so he can find out the smuggling
operations your friends were involved
with. Didn't they make a movie about this
in the 1970s called "Nuthouse Commie" starring
Peter Fonda?

I went back to New York City. The first
thing I did on coming home was take a
cube of LSD. I needed it just to get the
cobwebs out of my head. It did not go
more then a couple of weeks and Ed C.
called me on the telephone. Guess what
he had also gotten a discharge. He
wanted to come and visit me in New York
City! This is almost beginning to sound
like a soap opera. Had I realized how
serious this stuff really was I would
not have been laughing.

Well, Hugh Rodwell takes it all as the
gospel, but I think the rest of us are
having a little bit of trouble seeing
you as anything but the liar of the

I had rented a little apartment on
Staten Island. I had loads of pot and
LSD. I was smoking a lot and taking a
lot of LSD. But I told him to come on
up. I was selling a lot of pot and had a
lot of LSD at the time and plenty of
money. In that I was high most of the
time I can not recall the exacts dates
or times. Too bad. Many years later I
thought I should tell this story to the
Warren commission or something.

OK, so you didn't get to tell it to the
Warren Commission. Isn't a Spoons
Marxism mailing list the next best
thing? The fact that you were "high most
of the time" and that you "can not
recall the exact dates or times"
strengthens your case with Hugh Rodwell,
I'm sure.

But I also thought that who would
believe a story of a guy turned on to
pot and LSD, besides the fact that I had
newly been released from the nut house.
Yeah sure who would believe me if I were
say that Naval Intelligence was running
and operation on my friends in New York
and myself with connections to the
events in Dallas! So I have never told
this story to anyone. Today, who the
fuck cares. Nothing of this can be
proved. They would still today think I
was just a fucking nutcase. However the
story should be told!

You're right, Malecki, nothing of this
can be proved. Also, while most people
think you are nothing but a "fucking
nutcase", I am more suspicious than
most. I suspect you of being a

Ed C. came to New York and guess what.
He told me he had moved to Dallas Texas!
He claimed to be living in a trailer
park in Lovefield! I did not think
anything I just asked him if he wanted
to smoke some pot or take some LSD. He
refused, said that he only like to get
drunk. That is when I began getting
paranoid that this fucking guy was a
Federal Agent of some kind and after my
friends smuggling operations: I told Ed
that we had been in the nut house
together for a number of months that is
a plus for you. But I think you are a
cop so I said that it is best that we
parts ways now. He claimed that he was
not a cop, he just didn't do drugs. I
said O.K. but our ways part here and
now. You can sleep here tonight but be
on your fucking way tomorrow O.K. He
agreed to this. The following day Ed C.
disappeared. I thought for good but I
was wrong.

You told him that you thought he was a
cop?! What are you, some kind of Yellow

There followed a short period of street
life for me. I was constantly taking LSD
and smoking pot. I was also dealing and
making lots of money. But I finally came
to the point in my life that I realized
that pot and foremost LSD were wonderful
chemicals. LSD had ripped away many of
the horrible things put inside of my
childhood head. It ripped down and
dissected the fear, the terror, the
horror of growing up with a stepfather
who abused booze and them abused us. LSD
made me come to terms with all the
bullshit, inferiority complexes, the
adult American male complexes, and much
more. LSD put me at ground Zero. Posing
the question of where do I go from here
with my life? It came to a point one
night in the village when I on LSD I was
walking down the street and actually
believed I had stepped out of my body
and was looking at myself. I actually
thought I was god!

They definitely did make a movie about
this, but it wasn't Peter Fonda who
starred in it. It was Peewee Herman.

I said too myself I have to get away
>from here and think about my life. I
started collecting myself together. I
sold all the chemicals and pot I had in
the next week and prepared to leave the
city where I had grown up. The place
that had formed me from childhood to
manhood. Ed C. called on the telephone
at this time. I said I was leaving town.
He gave me his address and telephone and
said stop by. So I got on a greyhound
bus with a suitcase and a Marlboro
packet filled with LSD and left New York
City. I have never been back there

OK, let me see if I can get the thread
of this yarn straight. Ed Cameron, the
guy you were convinced was a cop, calls
you up out of the middle of the blue to
invite you to come visit him. Naturally,
you accept the invitation.

On my way to Mexico. I stopped off for a
day in Dallas. Ed C. was really glad to
see me. Of course he did not realize I
had just broken with my life in New York
City and was on my way out in the world
to discover what the fuck the world was
all about. He and I sat and drank some
wine. I said that I was on way and did
not know where it was going to lead.
That evening Ed C. got quite drunk. I
did not , a couple of bottles of wine,
while high on LSD is not going to make
you drunk. Ed C. did not realize this.
He thought I was straight. When drunk Ed
C. pulled out a rifle which looked a lot
like the rifle the government later
would claim killed J. Kennedy. I thought
that Ed C. was either insane or a
Federal agent. The next day I got on a
bus and crossed the border into Mexico.
I left Ed. C. sleeping in a trailer park
in Lovefield, Dallas Texas. I never saw
him again. However I still wonder today
who Ed C. really was? I think that the
Naval Intelligence was definitely
running some sort of operation. As to
whether they were involved in the
Kennedy assassination or that they were
being set up by somebody higher up in
the government I do not know. Later on I
thought I should tell my story to
somebody. However given the
circumstances around myself I realized
it would be ridiculous even to think
about it. Who would believe a story like
this coming from a guy like me. A poor
working class kid. A drug dealer in LSD
and pot. A nut case, discharged from the
Navy from section 8 in Charleston.

No I don't think so.

Au contraire, Hugh Rodwell believes
every word of it, especially the part
about the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. This
is exactly the missing piece to the
puzzle that Oliver Stone was looking

As to my opinion on this stuff. I am
fairly convinced that somebody was
trying to hook up my childhood friends
to the events in Dallas. For some reason
somebody was trying to make it look like
Americans recruited by the Russians or
Cubans were behind the assassination of
Kennedy. There were a lot of kids in New
York City who had no love for Kennedy.
The Kennedy brothers were certainly not
popular in these circles. However these
people would never of their own accord
murder Kennedy. Murdering people was not
the thing my childhood friends were
into, however somebody else was trying
to set this up.

Let me try to pull this all together. A
guy from Naval Intelligence gets himself
committed to the booby hatch so he can
set up Malecki's friends in NY as the
secret team that assassinated JFK. The
Christic Institute was barking up the
wrong tree when it began investigating CIA rogue
agents. It was Naval Counterintelligence
they should have been probing all along,
with Malecki's assistance.

As to who was trying to make the world
believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was the
sole murderer of Kennedy was never the
point. The point was the Russian, Cuban
connection. Whoever was behind the
murder of Kennedy wanted the world to
believe that the Russians and Cubans
were behind it. Who and why remain a
mystery even today. I think it was the
right wing and John Birch Society with
connections very high up in the
government that ran the operation. But
who would believe a nut case. But the
story here is true. Take it for what you

Malecki, I can't believe a word of this.
Rodwell swears by it, however. How
degenerate Trotskyism has become that a
"Morenoite" vouches for this sort of
garbage. Again, I have no proof that you
are an agent-provocateur. The above,
however, is a powerful indictment of
your ability to tell the truth.
I may come up with some proof of your cop connections
at some point, so you better watch your lying

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