Let M2 live!

Anthony J Caruso acaruso at juno.com
Sat Oct 5 08:28:30 MDT 1996

On Thu, 3 Oct 1996 07:52:20 +0200 (MET DST) malecki at algonet.se (Robert
Malecki) writes:
>>    I have said this already on M2, but I'll say it too
>>here.  I agree with Jerry Levy on this one.  Let M2 live!
>>It ain't broke, so why fix it?  To the extent that it has a
>>problem it is because the proliferation of new lists is
>>dissipating some of its old threads off to them.  I find
>>the assertion that marxism-theory better not just be M2
>>relabeled absurd.  If the M2 crowd wants to go there and
>>make it M2 again, why not?  The reasons for cancelling M2
>>are ridiculous and amount to "restructuring for the sake of
>>restructuring" all too much of which many of us have seen
>>in many institutions everywhere.  Let Jukka Laari be the
>>new moderator and let M2 be!
>>Barkley Rosser
>Well, OK Let M2 live! But them Let M1 live also! And use Marxism intro
>Bob malecki
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YES!! Let them ALL live!! I, a devout Marxist, have been thoroughly
enthralled the intellectual nature of these lists, and finally, after
months and months of searching for people who shared my views, I have
found this.  Let us safeguard the dreams of Comrade Marx and use this
list as a way to enhance our own knowledge, as well as using it to show
non-believers the light.

PS Does anyone know where I can contact the Party led by Gus Hall?  if
someone knows an E-mail address or a website or a mailing address, I
would certainly appreciate it.


Anthony J. Caruso
acaruso at juno.com

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