Najibullshit & "national liberation"

Robert Malecki malecki at
Sat Oct 5 12:11:06 MDT 1996

>On 5 Oct 1996, neil wrote:
>> The nationalism of today reeks of backward and reactionary  filth against the
>> unity of the working class all over the world. This is why the bourgeois and
>> petty bourgeois currents are so infected with this disease in their eopch of
>> decadence  --and for exploiter class hegemony, they try to inculcate this
>> ideological poision onto the workers in all nations.
>Louis: This type of rhetoric is poison. If we allow this sort of thing to
>go in M-I, we will face an immediate crisis. Substitute "feminism" or
>"trade unionism" or "solidarity movements" for "nationalism" and you would
>get the same exact "thought" from "neil".
>The left in 1996 has learned to evolve beyond this sort of stupidity, but
>we are vulnerable to the intervention of 5 member "vanguards of the
>proletariat" on our mailing list. This stuff absolutely has to disappear
>or else a space *must be created* in which it is prohibited.

Actually Neil,s writtings are not poison. Just politically wrong. He writes
off the National Question and as usual starts talking about workers
revolution. He has about the same kind of position on the National Question
as he does on trade unions. It is called ultra left childness i think. But
their is a difference with Neil and Proyect. Neil actually wants to make a
revolution. Proyect wants to tail them from behind as he does in Cuba and

Proyect the yellow journalist giving us lessons about how to behave. In fact
he his trying to get the new marxist international list to accept a certain
way of behavior. HIS which is hate Trotskyism. I think the best thing would
to create a space for this creep and he could invite anyone in he please. We
could call it the yellow journalist list of slander and lies. Here you can
spew any kind of philth as long as you do not put a label on Proyects
Menshevik-neo Stalinists politics. Futher more Trotskyists like Hugh and
Malecki are forbidden. Neil and his left communist state cap views are
forbidden. Probably Rolf and maybe Aldolfo. And Proyect will make up the
rest of the rules depending on who walks into the list and how they view his
rotten Menshevik line and yellow journalism. All that support Proyect are
welcome that is the sign he wants to hang up.

In order to do this he has to strip the lists of any kind of serious debate.
In fact the last month Proyect has nothing to say but lies and slanders
without proof or whining about somebody saying that his politics represent a
continuity of a Menshevist neo-Stalinist line. Thus building a party of the
whole class linked to unconditional support to the Stalinist Cuban CP or the
popular front politics of the FSLN. What is really bugging him is that he is
prevented from presenting his drivel without being critisized from the left.
In order to stop this critisism he appears willing to use any tactic. Thus
now it is not only Malecki who is a cop and agent provacateur. But Malecki
the Spartacist who is a cop and agent provacateur. Obviously he is learning
>from Aldolfo how to treat Trotskyists.

The next step Proyect is shooting them on the spot for being agents of
counter revolution. But being a Menshevik and not a Stalinist like Aldolfo
you have not drawn the same conclusions. As a Menshevik you want to use the
inquisitions and a bizarr sense of bougeois courts for your kind of justice.
And you could not even get that right. Thus demanding that the accused prove
he is not guilty instead of the court in this case you proof the slanderous
charges made.

Proyect you already jumped off the bridge. I am waiting just to here the
splatt. That will be tomorrow when the two weeks you claimed you needed to
make a dossier is up.

Bob Malecki

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