"I was just a fucking nutcase"

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Sat Oct 5 14:40:14 MDT 1996

On Sat, 5 Oct 1996, Doug Henwood wrote:

> Malecki, dear, have you read a word of what's on my website? A lot more
> politics in that than in your navel made of crystal. Why should I waste
> more serious writing effort on the likes of you?

Louis: Tomorrow I am going to delve into the whole question of Dow
Chemical and the antiwar movement. Everybody will find this interesting,
especially in light of Malecki's claim that his "activity" against Dow
Chemical had something to do with an end to the production of napalm.
There are also some interesting questions involving Malecki's chronology
of these events that we will examine.

Now I know that Hugh Rodwell is the only person on the list who is
speaking up on Malecki's behalf at this point (while the hatred
quotient toward Rodwell goes up each day that he does this). So why do I

Here is why. We have a Spoons Administrator by the name of Hans Ehrbar who
is a full professor at Utah University. He has designated himself and
Robert Malecki as the co-moderators of an intro to Marxism list. This is
deadly serious business. Do we want people who are new to Marxism to learn
it at the feet of Malecki? Also, there is an uneasy relationship between
Marxists on the list like myself and the Spoons Administrators. I broke
with a long-time friend, Ken Campbell, because he wanted me to split from
Spoons and join him in a new cyber-Marxism effort and I told him I had too
much invested in Spoons.

We are also in a somewhat uneasy situation because the new M-I list has
not gotten off the ground. I have advised Zeynep, Louis G. and Jon F. that
Doug, Scott and I will defer starting a new list until M-I has had a
chance to get off the ground. But we will not wait forever.

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