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Mao Zedong's correct analysis of the situation in the world more
than 20 years ago still is important to the Marxist-Leninists today.
Today this situation in some ways is a different one, but basic
traits still remain. The principles advocated and adhered to by
the Chinese communists led by Mao Zedong also are very important
for the revolutionaries, even though today there is no socialist
state in the world.

I've earlier posted three Info items wholly or in part on this
subject. The speech I reproduce here gives a more complete picture,
in certain respects, of Chairman Mao's analysis - which at that time,
shortly after his death, still was being adhered to by China.
(Socialism was overthrown in China between [late] 1976 and

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I'll mail to anyone on request) have been:

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Today, the imperialists and various revisionist and opportunist
forces since a long time back have been suppressing information
on Mao Zedong's correct analysis and socialist China's genuinely
internationalist, genuinely proletarian revolutionary and extremely
successful foreign policy which was based on that analysis, and/or
have been putting forward vile distortions of it.

One instance of the latter is the so-called "Declaration of the RIM",
of 1984, which even today most unfortunately is being peddled
internationally by adherents of one comparatively important party
in the world, the PC of Peru, as "Chairman Mao's line", which it in
reality not only distorts but also openly attacks and which has
never been correctly understood by that party, the PCP, though it
styles itself a "Maoist" party and an "advanced" one at that. This
has been repeatedly pointed out, demonstrated and criticized by me,
in the abovementioned "Info #3en" and other postings and publications,
so far, I'm sorry to say, without the comrades concerned (those
whom I've been able to reach) having in the least shown that they
realize their serious error. Criticism thus must continue, and be
complemented with further information.

Below is reproduced the "line-speech" of socialist China at the
UN General Assembly in October 1976, held by its then Foreign
Minister Qiao Guanhua (Chiao Kuan-hua). Source: Peking Review
No. 42 / 1976, pp 12-15.


- Speech by Chairman of the Chinese Delegation Chiao
Kuan-hua at the U.N. General Assembly Session -

The 31st Session of the United Nations General Assembly
opened on September 21 in New York. Chiao Kuan-hua,
Chairman of the Delegation of the People's Republic of China
and Ministr of Foreign Affairs, made a speech at the plenary
meeting on the morning of October 5. Following is the full text
of the speech.

Mr. President,

We, the Delegation of the People's Republic of China have
come to attend the present session of the United Nations
General Assembly today at a time of immense grief for the
people of all nationalities in China. Chairman Mao Tsetung,
the most esteemed and beloved great leader and teacher
of the Chinese people, passed away on September 9.

The passing of Chairman Mao Tsetung is a loss beyond
measure to the 800 million Chinese people. But for Chairman
Mao, there would have been no victory of the Chinese
revolution. But for Chairman Mao, there would have been no
New China of today. Without the victory of the Chinese
revolution under the leadership of Chairman Mao, the world
would not have changed as vastly as it has.

The extremely sorrow-stricken Chinese people are determined
to turn grief into strength, carry out Chairman Mao's behests and
carry through to the end the cause of the proletarian revolution in
China which Chairman Mao pioneered. The Chinese people's
revolutionary cause has worthy successors. Chairman Mao Tsetung
has left us forever, but the magnificent contributions he
made in revolutionary theory and practice are immortal. The
radiance of Mao Zedong Thought will always illuminate our road
of advance.

Here I wish to express once again on behalf of the Chinese
Government and people our deep gratitude to the representatives
of many countries who have tendered condolences on the
passing away of Chairman Mao Tsetung at various meetings of
the United Nations.

Chairman  Mao Tsetung drew a whole series of profound
conclusions on the contemporary international situation. The
complete correctness of these conclusions is being more and
more corroborated by the developing situation.

Back in the early 60s, Chairman Mao Tsetung vividly portrayed
the contemporary world situation in these verses:

*"The Four Seas are rising, clouds and waters raging.*

*The Five Continents are rocking, wind and thunder roaring."*

The world situation has been in a state of great turmoil. All the
political forces in the world have undergone drastic division and
realignment as a result of prolonged contests of strength and
struggles. On the one hand, there is the rise of the third world;
on the other hand, there is the rivalry for hegemony between the
two superpowers - the Soviet Union and the United States.
Countries want independence, nations want liberation, and the
people want revolution - this has become an irresistible trend
of history.

Looking around the globe, one cannot find a single place of
tranquility. "The wind sweeping through the tower heralds a
rising storm in the mountains." The factors for both revolution
and war are increasing. As Chairman Mao Tsetung pointed out,
the current international situation is characterized by great
disorder under heaven, and it is excellent.

This great disorder is a good thing and not a bad thing for the
people. It throws the enemies into disarray and divides them,
while awakening and tempering the people, thus pushing the
international situation to develop further in a direction favourable
to the people and unfavourable to imperialism and social-

Making a penetrating analysis of all the basic contradictions of
our time and the division and realignment of all the political
forces in the world, Chairman Mao Tsetung advanced his great
strategic concept of the three worlds. He pointed out: The
United States and the Soviet Union make up the first world; the
developing countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America and
elsewhere constitute the third world; and in between the two is
the second world composed of Europe, Japan, Canada and
other countries.

Lenin once said: Imperialism is the progressing oppression of
the nations of the world by a handful of great powers; it is an
epoch of wars among these powers for the extension and
consolidation of national oppression. At present, the Soviet
Union and the United States, the two superpowers constituting
the first world, are the biggest international oppressors and
exploiters of our time and they are the source of a new world

While the developed countries of the second world oppress
and exploit third world countries, they themselves are at the
same time subjected to superpower oppression, exploitation,
control or threat. The numerous third world countries are the
most heavily oppressed and exploited by colonialism and
imperialism; they are the main force in the fight against
imperialism, and particularly against superpower hegemonism.

Chairman Mao Tsetung pointed out: *"Who are our enemies?
Who are our friends? This is a question of the first importance
for the revolution."* Chairman Mao's concept of the three
worlds provides orientation for the workers and oppressed
nations and oppressed peoples of the world in their fight in the
realm of international class struggle.

In the past year, the struggle against colonialism, imperialism
and hegemonism waged by the people of the third world has
made great progress, though it suffered temporary setbacks
in individual places. They have further awakened and have
strengthened their unity in struggle. The heroic people of
Egypt, unable to bear social-imperialist bullying and
oppression any longer, resolutely abrogated the Egyptian-
Soviet treaty. The Fifth Summit Conference of the Non-Aligned
Countries withstood outside pressure and maintained the
position of opposing imperialism, and in particular superpower

The people of Asia, Africa and Latin America have come to see
more and more clearly the true colours of social-imperialism.
The great African people are now launching an offensive on
barbarous racism, and the handful of colonialists have been
cornered in southern Africa. The situation there is complicated
owing to the meddling of the two superpowers. But the long-
tempered African people are clear-headed. They do not believe
the nice words of imperialism and social-imperialism nor are
they intimidated by their bluster. They will surely win liberation
by relying on their own armed struggle, strengthening their
unity and persisting in this course.

Chairman Mao once said: *"The evil system of colonialism
arose and throve with the enslavement of Negroes and the
trade in Negroes, and it will surely come to its end with the
complete emancipation of the black people."* The future of
Africa is infinitely bright.

[Continued in part 2/3]

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