Kabul 1979

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Chris Burford wrote:

> My recollection was that in 1979 the Soviet troops
> flew into Kabul and the following day, the prime
> minister was assassinated and his successor
> issued the invitation to them to invade.
> I cannot remember the names though, and from
> Najibullah's obituary there were two changes
> of premier in 1979.
> Can anyone correct/improve on my memory on this point?
> Chris

Taraki was the premier who was assasinated by Amin, who became premier
for a few months. The military and univercity students saw him as an
ultra-leftist in his suppressive attitude to religeon, and sectarian
attitude to other left forces whose support he did not see as necessary.
Karmal and Najibullah had previously been exiled. They returned and
overthrew Amin with the support of the army, students, and some tribal
elements. The Soviet troops came in shortly after that.

If it was as the usual Western media line states; Why was there
absalutely no resistance from the Afgan army or the students who were
well known for lively political protest?

There can be a lot of discussion about how things developed from then
on, but I would still say that they had progressive intent, and the
support of most Afgans for some years after that.


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