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UNITE! Info #18en: 2/3 China on world situation, 1976 [Sent: 05.10.96]

[Continued from part 1/3 -
UN speech by Qiao Guanhua 05.10.1976, ctd.]

Strategically, Europe is the focus of contention between the
Soviet Union and the United States for world hegemony. The
so-called "European security conference" was in fact a
"European insecurity conference". There are always some
people in the West who want to urge social-imperialism
eastward and divert this peril towards China, thinking it best
if all is quiet in the West. The "European security conference"
reflected such a Munich line of thinking. After the conference
concluded last year, these people thought that henceforth
there would be peace and tranquility in Europe.

But since that conference the military threat posed by the
Soviet Union against Western Europe and its political
subversion there have been on the increase, and Europe is
not more secure but in greater danger. The desire of the
European people for peace is understandable. But the Soviet
Union has played up the "European security conference" with
ulterior motives. It attempts thereby to put Western Europe
off guard, divide and crush it piecemal and ultimately seize
the whole of Western Europe.

The fact that strategically Europe is the focus of contention
between the two hegemonic powers, the Soviet Union and
the United States, is determined by their fundamental
interests. Some people take the lead in appeasing and
making concessions to the expansionists, attempting to
shift this strategic focus by recognizing their sphere of
influence and giving them small favours.

But such an attempt cannot be realized. The continued pursuit
of such a policy will result in lifting a rock only to drop it on
one's own feet. Forces opposing appeasement are now rising in the
West. The unity of the West European countries has made new
progress. We support the unity of Western Europe and wish to
see Western Europe grow strong.

The rivalry between the two superpowers, the Soviet Union and
the United States, extends to all parts of the globe. The United
States has vested interests to protect around the world, and the
Soviet Union seeks expansion. A Soviet leader has openly declared
that there is no corner of the earth that is not taken into
account by them.

Now more and more people have come to realize that the so-
called "irreversible process of detente" constantly peddled by
Soviet social-imperialism is but a fraudulent and hollow phrase.
Every day it talks "peace" but practices expansion; every day it
talks "disarmament" but practices arms expansion.

Soviet social-imperialism is the biggest peace swindler and the
most dangerous source of war today. The continued fierce rivalry
between the two superpowers is bound to lead to war some day.
This is independent of man's will. The so-called "balance of
power" is only a temporary, superficial and even deceptive thing.
It cannot be relied on to maintain peace. As Chairman Mao
Tsetung pointed out, in an era when classes exist, war is a
phenomenon between two periods of peace. The danger of a
new world war is visibly growing, and the people of all countries
must get prepared.

There is now a strange phenomenon in the world. Some people are
terrified at the mention of the Soviet Union, thinking that it
cannot be touched. This is superstition. Soviet social-imperialism
is nothing to be afraid of. It is outwardly strong but inwardly weak.
Aleniated from the people, it is essentially feeble. It faces
economic difficulties and ever sharpening class contradictions
and contradictions among its nationalities. Carrying out
expansion everywhere and committing all sorts of evils, it has
affronted the people of the East European countries and of the
world. Its offensive posture bears the seed of defeat.

Chairman Mao Tsetung pointed out long ago: *"All reactionaries
are paper tigers."* *"The revisionist Soviet Union is a paper
tiger too."* All the countries that are subjected to superpower
aggression, subversion, interference, control or threat should
unite and wage a tit-for-tat struggle against it.

*"The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the
making of world history."* The destiny of mankind is definitely
not to be decided by any superpower. *"People of the world, be
courageous, dare to fight, defy difficulties and advance wave
upon wave. Then the whole world will belong to the people.
Monsters of all kinds shall be destroyed."*

Mr. President,

Following Chairman Mao Tsetung's teachings, the Chinese
Government and people firmly and unswervingly support the just
struggles of all oppressed nations and oppressed peoples.
Now, I would like to state our consistent position on some of the
issues to be considered by the current session of the General

We firmly support the people of Zimbabwe, Namibia and Azania
in their just struggle against white racism and for national
liberation. We warmly support the relevant resolutions adopted
by the recent Assembly of Heads of State and Government of
the Organization of African Unity and the Fifth Summit
Conference of the Non-Aligned Countries. We firmly support
the people of Zimbabwe in their armed struggle against the
Smith white minority regime. We firmly support the people of
Namibia in their armed struggle against forcible occupation
by the reactionary authorities of South Africa and for national

We warmly hail the powerful mass movements of the people of
Azania against racial discrimination and apartheid. We strongly
condemn the Soviet Union for disrupting the unity of the
Angolan national-liberation movements and carrying out armed
intervention in Angola. We are firmly opposed to the rivalry
between the two superpowers in southern Africa, and
especially to social-imperialist attempts to seize the opportunity
to sow discord and carry out armed intervention while
pretending to support the national-liberation movements.

We firmly support the Palestinian and other Arab peoples in their
just struggle for the restoration of their national rights and
the recovery of their lost territories and against the rivalry
between the superpowers for hegemony in the Middle East.
We sincerely hope that the various political forces in Lebanon,
together with the Arab states concerned and the Palestinian
people, will set store by the national interests of Lebanon and
the militant unity of the Arab countries and find a reasonable
solution to their temporary differences through peaceful
consultations free from superpower interference.

We firmly maintain that the independence, sovereignty and
territorial integrity of Cyprus should be respected. We
earnestly hope that the Greek and Turkish communities of
Cyprus and the countries directly concerned will guard
against superpower meddling and gradually eliminate their
differences through patient consultations on the basis of
equality and in the spirit of mutual understanding and mutual

We firmly support the admission of the Socialist Republic of
Viet Nam to membership in the United Nations. The U.S.
threat to use the veto is utterly unjustifiable. We firmly support
the just struggle carried on by the people of East Timor under
the leadership of the Revolutionary Front for Independent
East Timor (FRETILIN) in defence of the independence and
territorial integrity of their country against foreign aggression.
We hold that the position of the Association of Southeast
Asian Nations (ASEAN) for the establishment of a zone of
peace, freedom and neutrality free from interference by
foreign powers should be respected.

We firmly support the proposal of the Government of Sri Lanka
to declare the Indian Ocean a zone of peace. We firmly support
the proposal of the Government of Pakistan to establish a
nuclear-free zone in South Asia. We firmly support the solemn
statement of the King of Nepal declaring Nepal a zone of peace.
We firmly support the reasonable position taken by Bangladesh
on the question of sharing the water of the Ganges River.

[Continued in part 3/3]

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