"I was just a fucking nutcase"

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Sat Oct 5 13:14:20 MDT 1996

Louis writes;

 Again, I have no proof that you
>are an agent-provocateur.

There it is again! The yellow journalist has no proof.
Well, after 13 days Proyect the yellow journalist has to come out of the closet.

 The above,
>however, is a powerful indictment of
>your ability to tell the truth.

Notice that Proyect the yellow journalist grovels at the feet of people like
Tariq Ali,
but when he takes the time to give M1 and interpertation of one chapter of
my book
about section 8, a military ward in Charleston, and that most of the people
were in their after a stay at the naval stockade run by the marines that
were more then a bit sadistic and used rutin torture against people, he sees
some sort of "powerful indictment" about my ability to tell the truth. If i
was going to lie i thing that i could have come up with a better story that
would have painted Malecki at least as a semi hero along the lines of Peter
Fonda. This part of the book was hardly a success story!

>I may come up with some proof of your cop connections
>at some point, so you better watch your lying

And then he puts on the inquisitor robe again and threatens Malecki about
watching my ass. What a joke. Proyect you promised everybody that you were
going to get the goods on Malecki as a agent provacateur in two weeks. That
was thirteen days ago. Now you admit that you have no proof. So in other
words you have been slandering and lieing for two weeks to the whole of M1
and Usenet!

And instead of backing down and crawling to the cross. You whine about the
possibility in the future of exposing Malecki. The only exposure going on
here Proyect is that YOU the yellow journalist are sitting here after
thirteen days with your pants down around your ankles! With a robe on your
head screaming "Watch your ass", Watch your ass" Malecki.

It is your ass Proyect that is hanging out. You have completely discredited
yourself as a liar and a slanderer!

Pull your pants up and go interview Tariq Ali. At the same time you can kiss
his ass which you appear to worship!

And the rest of M1 that have been silent while the yellow journalist has
been running around making a big ass of himself. You should help him get his
pants back on. You like the yellow journalist Proyect, well you can have him.

A menshevik on the party question, a neo Stalinist that tails the Cuban CP
and the popular front politics of the FSLN and finally a yellow journalist
with his pants down who worships anti communists like Tariq Ali for his
clever wit..

Bye bye Proyect,

A cold ass and a big splatt as the yellow journalist capitulates with a hood
on after 13 days..

Bob Malecki



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