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Sat Oct 5 15:01:54 MDT 1996

 >> Louis: This type of rhetoric is poison. If we allow this sort of thing to
go in M-I, we will face an immediate crisis. Substitute "feminism" or "trade
unionism" or "solidarity movements" for "nationalism" and you would get the
same exact "thought" from "neil".

 The left in 1996 has learned to evolve beyond this sort of stupidity, but
 we are vulnerable to the intervention of 5 member "vanguards of the
proletariat" on our mailing list. This stuff absolutely has to disappear
 or else a space *must be created* in which it is prohibited. <<

 Jon Flanders:

  Isn't the Unity list such a space? Let me ask a question here about

  What about Adolpho's political method? He, when fully cranked, is not shy
about consigning his political opponents to PCP-SL hell as agents of MI6,
organ grinder's monkeys etc. etc.

  Now he may do this with a verve and literary style that makes us chuckle,
but nonetheless I think it quite as problematic as Neil's denuniciamatos. It
is not the method  I like, because I think it limits the debate to all but the
happy flamers, but I doubt that Adolpho, at this stage in his life, will give
it up.

 Should we exclude Adolpho from the M-I list?

  Frankly, I don't want to draw a line just yet until we see how a three post
limit will work.

  E-mail from: Jonathan E. Flanders, 05-Oct-1996

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