Lima 1963 and Adolfo screaming "Kill 'em all!"

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Sat Oct 5 18:43:46 MDT 1996

Adolfo raves on:

>Who are the slander machine here? Who are the actors of this gross slander
>machine directed against Chairman Gonzalo?  Against a communist leader who
>is kept in prison 10 meters below ground in Peru while this "modest
>militant" comes here to "resist Fujimori's attacks" by ENDORSING FUJIMORI'S
>capitulated to Fujimori?:

Guzman is not the be-all-and-end-all of the Peruvian revolution.

So let AO get his act together and *convince* people. Past revolutions have
proved immensely attractive to workers, students and poor people in other
countries, even half-hearted efforts (politically speaking) like Nicaragua.
People are really *desperate* to be convinced of the reality of a
revolutionary alternative, but they have learnt the hard way (seventy years
of Stalinism) to watch their backs.

The reason AO is unconvincing is that the Peruvian working class and masses
are unconvinced, and the Latin American masses are unconvinced and the
popular masses in other countries who support what they see as
revolutionary causes are unconvinced. The mindless, malevolent vomit that
Adolfo spews over everyone who challenges him is deeply unattractive to any
halfway rational person who happens to witness it. As are his arrogance
(putting the Petrograd Soviet of 1905 on the same level as a weeklong
university occupation, and himself on a level with Lenin's main October
comrade-in-arms Trotsky), his ignorance ("Chiara? Who's that? Deserved to
die anyway), his brutal secret police mentality ("Up against the wall! The
Moscow Trial victims *confessed*, so they must be guilty), his
marginalization from normal human contact (everyone's a police spy except
his own little crowd of true believers, and should be shot), and his
bible-thumping "theoretical" excursions (one isolated Lenin quote from a
Stalinist compendium and the whole insane theory of Socialism in One
Country is justified beyond doubt!).

>Rodwell, who has been re-publishing the allegations of this counter-
>revolutionary flea is working in coordinated fashion with Fujimori's
>clumsy Ministry of Foreign Relations.  He is, happily, playing the role of
>stool-carrier-pigeons for this transparent propaganda offensive on behalf
>of the CIA and Fujimori to foster capitulation of the revolution in Peru.

Criminal libel. Prove your accusations!

The PCP has no monopoly on revolution in Peru, although they are trying to
wipe out the competition. The revolutionary situation in Peru is in no way
dependent on the PCP. It could disappear tomorrow, and the revolution would
be just as much on the agenda, in a different and more promising form.

Once more, all disagreement is the work of police spies. All disagreement
is "a transparent propaganda offensive on behalf of the CIA and Fujimori".
Well, tough shit, Adolfo. Some people are still capable of thinking for
themselves. You're not one of them.

>2 - These fleas (imagine it, the workers have taken to arms and along comes
>Rodwell (and malecki trailing behind him) demanding them to "SUBORDINATE
>THEIR WEAPONS") demand that a United Front be formed and that the
>revolution must subordinate itself to it!

We demand the arming of the whole working class and the poor peasantry and
the dispossessed masses. We work for the political discipline of the armed
masses to their own revolutionary workers, peasants and neighbourhood
councils, run on the basis of workers' democracy. The whole fake authority
of the PCP would evaporate like a goblin in the sun in the face of such an
armed, mass mobilization.

>A United Front for what?

For revolutionary demands.

>And then these vermin
>blame the "stalinists" when the masses would line them up against the wall
>and let their weapons rip the only answer these idiots can deserve!  In
>Peru, as well as in Russia in 1917.  Up against the wall, MFs!

Vermin yourself.

Adolfo substitutes the PCP-SL for the masses here.

His up-against-the-wall spiel must sound great to poor non-white workers
and unemployed people in the States. They know who use that kind of

Adolfo is saying that political execution was "the only answer these idiots
can deserve" in 1917. Is he trying to say that Lenin ordered the
assassination of everyone who disagreed with him and the Central Committee?
Screamed that they were police spies? No way! Political executions were the
specialty of Hitler and Stalin.

Adolfo sure knows how to *attract* people to his side in an argument!

>What is new?

Certainly not Oleleche's petrified Stalinist ranting, or his defence of the



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