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> I'm forwarding a comment on Adolfo's writing of history and his political
> method.
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> Hugh
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>	I believe that foreign communists not only have the right but, indeed,
the obligation to criticize, if necessary, any anticapitalist revolution in
any country, if only because there are no isolated revolutions which do not
affect, positively or negatively, the objective and subjective situation
of the international proletariat. The Peruvian revolution should not be an
exception and can be criticized as any other. But one needs to excercise
the utmost caution in this to prevent even the slightest possibility of
becoming an unwilling tool in the hands of its enemies. This danger is
more real in case of Peru because of the years of demonization of the PCP
by the bourgeois propaganda machine, the informational iron curtain, and
above all, the extremely favorable opportunities for disinformation and
psychological war that the Fujimore regime and its US handlers now have
as the result of Guzman's capture.

What struck me when I was reading J. Ponce's letter was that I had already
heard some of his arguments VERBATIM. They were advanced in this list last
spring.  And they came from some very dark quaters. Below I quote some of
the most striking textual coincidences (emphasis is mine):

> 3- A person that was completely absent from Peruvian class struggle for
> around 30 years has to show some little respect for other people. Adolfo
> Olaechea was not part of any of the more than a dozen general strikes. he
> was not involved in any of the hundreds of factory occupations or radical
> strikes. He even was not involved in the actions which self-sacrificing
> PCP_Shinning Path militants made risking their lives in the last 16 years
> of people's war. *He doesn't have anybody around him.* *He most probably
> doesn't participate in the British class struggle.*  *His only job is to use
> the internet to write non senses every day.*

> To Adolfo we only ask to be more humbled, to don't slander other people and
> to do some practical work amongst the Peruvian masses. It is good that he
> could translate documents for the PCP but a cadre like him, which claim to
> be the leader of a Soviet in Peruvian capital when he was only 20 years
> old, *is losing his time expending hours each day in writing in the
> internet.* He should cease to insult everybody and should return and help
> his comrades risking his skin.

Vladimir Bilenkin

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