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L. Godena said:

>I know Adolfo Oleachea personally. I know that he ..was sentenced him
>*in absentia* to life in prison. I know that he is unable to leave
>Britain because of the actions of the Thatcher/Major governments, and that
>they are continuing their efforts to have him extradited back to Peru. I
>know that
>he is the object of no little interest to American law enforcement agencies,
>and that he is on an Interpol "watch list."

I will always defend Olaechea and any left-wing militant against any kind of
state repression.

But he will not do the same with other people. He will not fight for the
freedom of any of his opponents. he simply is calling all of them CIA

In Peru we live in danger. We have to protect ourselves from the police, the
marine, the army but also against the PCP-SL executions and violence. I can
tell many histories of my self and many friends which were victims of that.
Olaechea can have his e-mail address wiothout any problem. He is in the UK
for ages and his best way to defend himself is publicity.

Who I am? I am a simple and humble militant from Peru. I don't claim to
have any glory. I fight for the truth and I don't like when people slander
other people or when they invent realities.

This is my last word on the Olaechea case. He didn't answer my
questions. Instead, he accused me to be an agent. Most probably he would not
accept the invitation of that historical journal to produce a serious

I don't understand what credibility could have a person which constatnly
tells so much lies. I was genuinely intersted in this Lima soviet in 1963
but all of that was a farce. For Olaechea the world is not real. He is like
a Quijote who see spies in every mill and who think that he was the
creator of a "liberated area" in the capital of Peru in 1963.

I don't write stories and I don't pretend to be somebody important. If
Olaechea want to abuse the trust of European and North American people
writing novels which he says are truth, we should say so.

J. Ponce

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