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Sun Oct 6 00:53:20 MDT 1996

dear friends,

My criticism of the debilitating effects of bourgeois and petty bourgeois
on the workers united struggles locally, nationally and internationally  has
sent Louis Proyect
into paroxysms.

He himself will not examine seriously the anti-marxist nature of the nationalist
ideologies and
the groups promoting them. Instead he  vapors again  aginst "ultra leftism". Not
surprising considering
his own rancid  Committees of Correspondence outfit is in the process of full
liquidation into
his real "left" current , the left wing of the democratic party and stepped up
doorbell ringing for the president's
reelection, and sowing more reformist  illusions in the current social order.
 At the same time  he rants against small  communist minorities who want
agitation and organizing for a new mass movement of struggle   and inevitably a
new genuine workers communist party.

Proyect  and co. have used the tired old saw about 'ultra leftism" to imply that
revolutionaries do not fight in the day to day struggles of workers and
oppressed nationalites. This is slanderous , Of course revolutionaries
participate with the masses in the  immediate battles. It is precisely out of
these a that the more militant,
conscoius and organized actions of the workers  ourselves can be built into a
mass movement for socialism.

serious Marxists have engaged over the past and present periods of mainly
defeats and setbacks
in scathing criticism, not just of other tendencies in the movements, but
self-criticism too.
The likes of Proyect will have none of this however and fear it like dracula and
the cross.

"Unity'  mongering  to  pump life into dying  opportunists will not last long
either when the social struggles pick up again.
Then more  real workers will be the judge and jury. This  is fine and good.
Proyect like tendencies will be
exposed and kaput.
That will be a victory worker partisans will relish.


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