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Sun Oct 6 06:49:20 MDT 1996

Vladimir puts a centrist position in his posting urging caution.

>>       I believe that foreign communists not only have the right but, indeed,
>the obligation to criticize, if necessary, any anticapitalist revolution in
>any country, if only because there are no isolated revolutions which do not
>affect, positively or negatively, the objective and subjective situation
>of the international proletariat. The Peruvian revolution should not be an
>exception and can be criticized as any other.

Exactly. And the PCP-SL wing of the revolution acts as if it is *the
exclusive* revolution, and criticism of it is grounds for a death sentence.
This is perfectly obvious from Adolfo's postings.

>But one needs to excercise
>the utmost caution in this to prevent even the slightest possibility of
>becoming an unwilling tool in the hands of its enemies. This danger is
>more real in case of Peru because of the years of demonization of the PCP
>by the bourgeois propaganda machine, the informational iron curtain, and
>above all, the extremely favorable opportunities for disinformation and
>psychological war that the Fujimore regime and its US handlers now have
>as the result of Guzman's capture.

This is true, but the responsibility for potential misuse of this kind lies
fairly and squarely on the PCP-SL and their anti-Bolshevik,
anti-proletarian methods. They have much to answer for -- not before the
imperialists or their local marionettes, but before the working class, the
peasantry and the pauperized masses.

As for the polemics against Adolfo, there is nothing strange in them.

>>  *He doesn't have anybody around him.*

Well, he certainly comes across as a voice crying in the wilderness,
doesn't he? There's not even a unified Maoist front on the Net, let alone
in reality.

*He most probably doesn't participate in the British class struggle.*

Well, he gives the odd talk at the Stalin Society.

*His only job is to use the internet to write non senses every day.*

Certainly a plausible conclusion. A wee bit exaggerated -- Adolfo
apparently translates and helps run that rag -- but spot on when it comes
to the characterization of Adolfo's contributions: "non senses".

>> *is losing his time expending hours each day in writing in the
>> internet.*

The choice is Adolfo's, the comment is Juan's. Nothing sinister in it.

>> He should cease to insult everybody


>> and should return and help
>> his comrades risking his skin.

Sometimes exile is a valid option, sometimes not. Obviously Adolfo thinks
his chances of getting to Peru and surviving there are very poor. This
gives us reason to doubt the enormous popular support he claims for the
PCP-SL. But it's not conclusive. Maybe the Party decided he would be better
employed as an ambassador abroad. Too bad we'll never know.

Of course, it could be that his positions are not the Party line, in which
case it's perfectly clear why he wouldn't want to even try to return.

You see, Vladimir, it's one thing to defend left-wing fighters against the
repressive forces of the imperialist lackey state, it's another to treat
them all as trustworthy comrades. What the PCP-SL really thinks seems to be
up for grabs at the moment. Adolfo claims to represent its line. But I see
no reason whatever to give Adolfo the benefit of any doubt on such



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