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Sun Oct 6 06:49:16 MDT 1996

Re Adolfo's latest:

>Note, moreover, that these fellows want a United Front "to resist Fujimori"
>while at the same time coming to a "national agreement for peace" with the
>regime they claim to be "resisting"(?).

We never made any "national agreement for peace".

>The PCP has also called for a United Front - a Front of People's Liberation.
>Not a front to "resist Fujimori" while signing peace with his regime, but to
>overthrow this fascist pro-imperialist regime!

Yeah. Join us or die. Some united front.

>A united Front FOR THE REVOLUTION of all those willing to fight for the
>victory of the People's War by means of the armed struggle. For a government
>of workers, peasants and the revolutionary classes, a democratic
>anti-imperialist regime.  This requires the defeat of the reactionary armed
>forces and the overthrow of the state of the ruling classes.

Here we have *Adolfo's programme* in a nutshell. Not United Front, but
Popular Front. Note the "revolutionary classes" besides the workers and the
peasants. This is deep, deep Marxism. Note the "democratic anti-imperialist
regime" -- not a revolutionary proletarian dictatorship building towards

If you can achieve "the defeat of the reactionary armed forces and the
overthrow of the state of the ruling classes", why the hell stop at
bourgeois-democratic measures? It didn't work in South Africa, where the
bourgeois-democratic measures are already receding into the dim and distant
future, and Tutu in his purple frock is presiding over the biggest and most
shameful whitewash operation in history. It'll work even less in Peru.

>That Olaechea returns (is deported/expelled/driven off, whatever!) to Peru
>so that Fujimori can make good his promise to display him inside an iron
>cage.  Was this not the same line of Quispe?

Adolfo's the one bigmouthing his revolutionary role. We're not demanding
his extradition, and everyone knows that. Everyone also knows we'd oppose

>For me, the actions of Rodwell fit like a glove in the plans of the Fujimori
>regime and the CIA, as well as those of the British regime.

Yes, but the same goes for *everybody* in the whole wide world who
disagrees with Adolfo's current line.

>People in this list are not stupid, Rodwell.  They can see your role very
>clearly now.

They can compare and make up their own minds. Adolfo's support is zilch.
Shrivelled Maoist tatters from the flame wars in the spring, and Louis P,
who doesn't give a damn what Adolfo says as long as he attacks Trotskyism
and Bolshevik-Leninist positions.

>It is useless to complain of libel.

Who's complaining? I'm just pointing out a fact. One that your bourgeois
would-be revolutionary classes should take heed of.

>if you really believe that I have libelled
>you, what is there to stop you suing me!

Of course Adolfo has libelled me. What's interesting is the way this
super-revolutionary buffoon encourages people to use the methods of the
bourgeoisie and the machinery of the bourgeois system of injustice!



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