"J Ponce's 'reply'"

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sun Oct 6 07:08:31 MDT 1996

It would be churlish of me to question how the individual known as "J Ponce"
who,  by his own admission,  lives in fear of the Peruvian armed forces (not
to mention the dreaded "Sendero"),  still can post freely via e-mail to
overseas addresses like Hugh's.    (I am assuming that Hugh is not receiving
these messages through a third party)

I'm not complaining,  of course,  but surely we should know a bit more of
the circumstances here before swallowing whole hog anything originating from
such a source.

"Ponce" sounds reasonable,  even,  at times,  convivial.    Fine.   Genuine
conviviality is rare enough in cyberspace, and preciously uncommon on
Marxism 1,  but is this enough?    "Ponce",  a "simple and humble militant"
lays claim to the knowledge of "many histories" of his "friends" as well as
himself on the receiving end of "PCP-SL"  "executions and violence".     Yet
his focus is this Chiaria character who,   apparently,   he's never met and
of whom he has only second and third hand knowledge.    And Poder Obrero,
>from what I understand,  has an on-again,  off-again relationship with SIN
and other Peruvian law enforcement agencies as allies of the government's
war against the "subversion" of the Partido Comunista del Peru.

Sure.   Snitches have to eat,  too.    But I would prefer "Ponce" (again,
whoever s/he is) to give us some specifics--as Adolfo has already done in
connection with his work in Lima--as to the date and locale where these
"PCP-SL"  "executions and violence" are alleged to have occurred.

We have already seen how "Commander Quispe" and his tiny but noisy entourage
of Manhattan-based "PCP guerrillas" discredited themselves by merely
asserting, without supporting evidence,  the sins and transgressions of
their enemies.    "J Ponce" is already headed in the same direction.
Indeed,  allegations from the Commander and his numerous alter-egos are
beginning to show up verbatim in the posts of both "Ponce" and his sponsors.

This,  surely,  is not the way to conduct business.     Let "Ponce" put
his/her cards on the table and talk honestly.

I'm sure his opponents will do the same.

Louis (G)

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