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Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Oct 6 06:49:24 MDT 1996

Chris repeats his demand for moderation on the unmoderated successor to m1:

>This however may take a long time, and I would suggest that for
>marxism-general to have many of the creative advantages of M1 with
>fewer of the weaknesses, and to command an interest from several
>hundred readers, it would be in the interests of that publishing
>project also to have volume limits from day one. This would immediately
>concentrate people's minds about how to use their shots best.

The idea is no-holds-barred. A self-managing forum. Full stop.

>Nobody is saying that marxism-general should just be a continuation
>of M1 are they? ...

What else?

>It does not sound
>credible simply to rename M1 as marxism-general,

What's credibility got to do with it?

>but are all
>the current subscribers to M1 to be lost unless they consciously
>subscribe to one of the new lists? Or will their subscriptions
>automatically be transferred or what?

Good questions.

>I think we are fast reaching the
>stage where some executive decisions by the current moderators
>will have a high welcome to flak ratio, providing they decide

No. The decisions will have to be *good*. No blank cheques. Lenin gave
Trotsky blank cheques during the Wars of Imperialist Intervention, but that
was because he was a tried and tested revolutionary that Lenin trusted. Our
Spoon administrators have a track record that's a bit more dubious when it
comes to handling Marxism. They have been doing more listening than I
expected, and it would be unwise to tar them all with the same brush, but
the drive to segment Marxist discussion and to use arbitrary administrative
methods to chop off the hands and feet of a discussion is deeply rooted.
For the most off-putting example, see the Unity-list.



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