Oleachea is a slander machine against the revolutionaries in Peru

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I've been asked to forward this reply from Juan to Adolfo, and I do so with
pride and confidence in the general correctness of the analysis being




Olaechea wrote two messages. The first one is only a reproduction of my
small letter but at vthe end he completely altered it. He changed my
signature and I became now Ponce-Quispe-Montesinos-Fujimori.

That expresses a method. He put in the same bag the dictator Fujimori, the
leader of his terrible secret service (Montesinos), the person in charge of
the PCP-SL's very well done Web Page and a humble anti-stalinist
revolutionary marxist.

The conclusion is that everybody which Adolfo doesn't like, no matter if he
is from another left current or even if he is another supporter of the PCPSL
(like Quispe) are spies which deserve to be killed.

He said that *all* the Peruvian left parties are spies which need to be
exterminated. He also said that the union leaders in Britain, USA, etc. have
to be killed. Peruvian union leaders more left wing than the socialist
candidates in the USA, than Scargill, than the PRC (Italy), Sinn Feinn
(Ireland), United Left (Spain), Herri Batausna (Basque country), etc. WERE
MURDERED by people like Olaechea which considered that everybody, except the
Gonzalo supporters, were state agents.

In his other mesage Olaechea said:

"That Olaechea returns (is deported/expelled/driven off, whatever!) to Peru
so that Fujimori can make good his promise to display him inside an iron
cage.  Was this not the same line of Quispe?  Why so much pique and
desperation vis-a-vis my supposed golden exile and my alleged chuminess with
Queen Elizabeth?
Where does the Ponces campaign for the return of Olaechea fit here?  Is it
not legitimate to wonder if Orwell's bosses, the MI6, may not be lending a
"helping hand" in that regard? "

I am against any repression on Olaechea or any anti-imperialist fighter. I
am in favour of the unconditional freedom of Olaechea and of every person
accussed to be a member or supporter of the PCPSL (Gonzalo), PCPSL
(Feliciano), MRTA, MIR, FGP or other "terrorist" group like I am in favour
of the release of all the trade union and left prisoners. Thta's a basic
working class principle.

On the contrary, Olaechea is for KILLING ALL his opponents. In his messages
he supports the murder of the members of all the Peruvian leftwing parties,
the PCPSL (Gonzalo) and promote punishment for another "CIA agent" which is
a supporter of his same faction (Quispe).

I am not in favour that Olaechea should return to Peru as prisoner. I would
fight for his freedoms.

I only want to stress that this CHARLATAN wasn't at all in Peru in the
struggle against the military dictatorship (1968-80), that he OPPOSED ALL
1980 when our country returned to a parliamentary bourgeois democracy and
the PCP-SL started its "people's war". In the 12 years of working class
developments in opposition to the military junta and in the 16 years of
representative democracy and PCP-SL uprising HE WAS LEADING A COMFORTABLE life
outside his country. Why did he never return to fight against the bourgeoisie?

There is nothing wrong if somebody wants to leave his fatherland and
establish himself in the imperialist world. If he is a left wing I only ask
him for 3 things:

1- That he should part of the workers movement of the new country;

2- That he would tell to the comrades from the new country the TRUTH about
his own country.

3- That he would respect the militants which are fighting in Peru.

Nevertheless, Olaechea didn't do any of these 3 things.

1- He is not part of the British working class movement. He said that he is
favour of killing the Morris, Monks and Scargills.

2- He wrote the most terrible LIES about Peru. He portrayed himself as the
great leader of a soviet in Lima in 1963 (which only existed in HIS
imagination). He would be absolutely incapable of writing an article about
it for that revolutionary historical journal which asked him to.

3- He doesn't respect militants which are fighting against Fujimori. For
him all the activists from the rest of the left are spies which deserve to be
killed. More than 90% of the thousands of PCP-SL prisoners are in favour of
the "peace agreement" with Fujimori. In his comfortable self-exile Olaechea
condemned all of them of being spies. These militants decided to capitulate
because they saw that the PCP-SL armed struggle was a disaster and that the
PCP-SL instead of taking power, is extremely isolated.

Olaechea said that he is opposed to any united front: "The PCP has also
called for a United Front - a Front of People's Liberation.
Not a front to "resist Fujimori" while signing peace with his regime, but to
overthrow this fascist pro-imperialist regime!"

For him the United Front is the Block between his followers and his
supporters. That's not a united front. That's a party front. The PCPSL is
against any kind of unity in action with any union, left party or even with
other guerrilla groups (like the MRTA).

Olaechea lies when he claims that the working class doesn't exist in Peru and
that the strikes are useless. What do we have to do? To wait for some Robin
Hoods to come from the mountains to liberate us?

Only mass demonstrations and strikes will be able to undermine Fujimori and
split the army. Only that way will we be able to create the conditions for
workers militias and councils.

The PCP-SL way is ALIENATING the poor and working class people. With the
destruction of factories and workplaces, with the indiscriminate
assassination of trade union and left leaders and with a violence which is
not organised by the workers themselves, the overwhelmingly majority of the
people are disappointed with the PCP-SL. The real thing is that Fujimori is
*unfortunately* extremely popular in the poorest shanty towns.

The PCP-SL needs to change its policies radically. Gonzalo changed to a
capitulation strategy. It would be good if they ceased to attack workers and
unions and that their members, instead of putting bombs everywhere,
co-ordinated with the rest of the combative left and trade unionists to
organise mass resistance and strikes against the regime. The PCP-SL armed
groups should subordinate their arms to workers and peasant assemblies.

"Ergo, these fleas who have taken the fancy label of "Workers Power" (Poder
Obrero) have no guns of their own at all!  They have no votes, and they have
no guns!  Aren't they totally useless and preposterously irrelevant, except
as errand boys promoting the laundry list of Fujimori wishes abroad?:

Poder Obrero is a very small group. They don't have arms because they are in
favour in that the workers and poor people should arm themselves. They don't
have votes because they are not electoralists. Poder Obrero think that the
tragedy of the left is to be divided between two stalinist projects: the
militarists (PCPSL and MRTA) and the electoralists (United Left). Both are
wrong because they reject the building of workers councils and militias and
because they are in favour of making popular fronts with the "progressive"

The Peruvian left is not only the PCP-SL and the United Left (which now is in
process of extinction). There are other groups which are trying to build a
workers alternative against the militarists and electoralists. There are
the Socialist Current (led by Raul Wiener), the Workers Party (whose leader

Villaran recently died), the two Socialist Workers Party, Workers Power,

I ask to the rest of the marxism list to press Olaechea to don't lie or to
ignore his slanders. We have to defend Olaechea and any other left-winger
against repression but we need to defend the truth against the
falsifications and the workers movement and the revolutionary left against
the stalinist thugs which killed many good comrades like Chiara.

Olaechea is not a proletarian revolutionary. He is an open enemy of the
workers revolution. He is against the strikes and the workers councils and
militias. His comrades sabotaged every attempt to create popular assemblies
and inter-factory committees. He is in favour of KILLING every revolutionary
anti-stalinist militant.

I am not interested in continue a debate with a person which lost it
completely and his only weapon is to accuse everybody as spies and CIA

J. Ponce

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