More exposure of the counter-revolutionary "Left" in Peru

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The Peruvian Trotskyst Ponce has made wild allegation and tried to escape
>from the obvious conclussions to be drawn from his own words.

I think at this point we shall put the very "Left" with which this Fujimori
mouthpiece wants to organise a United Front to which the weapons and
militias of the people - formed in 16 ardous years of People's War - should
be surrendered!

Besides the obvious conclussion that - rejecting alliances with the
anti-Fujimori sections of the big bourgeoisie their United Front will be
reduced only to a united front with the bogus left, which in the last
elections had but merely a 0.4% of the VALID VOTES (less than 0.2% of the
electorate) - this United Front - since at the same time they promote the
"National Agreement for Peace" is nothing but an attempt to get back the
votes they lost to the People's War.  In other words, a little tiny flea of
less than 0.2% of the population of Peru wants to subordinate to itself the
weapons and militias of those who have ACTUALLY TAKEN THEM from the hands of
the reactionary state with no help, but hindrance, from this same
discredited and bogus "left" - of which they themselves, the Trotskyst of
Poder Obrero are no more than half a dozen individuals out of appx 26.000
people who votes for ALL the "left" parties in peru in the last elections (95).

Therefore, their "United Front" is nothing but a swindle in which the
tiniest tendril of hair in the "left" tail of the reactionary state wants -
with Hugh Rodwell style Chuztpah - to wag the entire elephant of the
revolution and so divert its efforts into the road of surrender to the
"popular organisations" strategy of the Military High Command, the CIA and
the Fujimori regime!.

Here are the words of the "leftist leaders" themselves telling their own
true story in verbatim interviews:

"We lost the train of history in 1980" (when the People's War led by the PCP
began). These were the words of Jose Martinez, leader of PUM (the self
proclaimed "Unified Mariateguist Party") during his soujourn in Brussels in
December 1992".

"That night, before a meagre audience, he told us how in 1977 a series of
radical left-wing organisations arose out of the "nearly insurrectional"
spirit that the people of Peru were feeling in their confrontation with the
dictaorship (refers here to the Morales Bermudez regime which was the second
instalment of the Velasco fascist regime - minus Velasco).  Among the
electorate there was a decision for change, and this expressed itself in the
32% vote obtained - all together - by a left divided in 4 or 5 fractions,
which joined together nearly 20 small parties - for the elections to a
Constitutional Assembly ORGANISED by the dictatorship in 1978".

"Then, the majority of this left, organised the Left Revolutionary Alliance,
in which the most radical groups were the leading voice. This first
experience with a front of parties, had as its AIM to win the Presidencial
ELECTIONS of 1980, with Hugo Blanco - a leader of PUM - as the candidate.
But then a tremendous factioning ocurred just days before the election.
And, maybe - Martinez says - the best opportunity that this left had to
demonstrate its alternatives was lost.  This incapacity to respond to the
rank and file desire for unity, reduced their electorate to 13.8%"

"Trying to re-combine, next year the United Left front is constituted.
United Left has its first chance in the municipal elections of 1983.  There
it obtains 30% of the vote wining in such important cities as Arequipa,
Cuzco, and specially in Lima.  In Lima, Alfonso Barrantes - member of a
maoist sector - is elected Mayor.  However - Martinez says -  "already the
correlation of forces was different, the revolutionary left was in a
minority and we were unable to orient the front".

"United left achieved its last great electoral success during the
Presidencial elections of 1985, when it achieved the second place with 22%
of the votes against the candidate of the Apra party, Alan Garcia (II
International).  In these circunstances, both United Left and the Apra party
should have gone on to a second round since no candidate had achieved over
51% of the vote.  However, unexpectedly - and unconstitutionally - United
Left conceded its achievements and allowed Garcia (Apra) to become President".

"Then the break-up (of the "left") accelerates, since they (the leaders)
exaggerate their participation in the state's institutions and forget the
rank and file (sounds familiar! A.O.).  Simultaneously, contradictory
positions arise within the "left".  Some were "militaristic", led by the PUM
which, during their Party Congress in 1988 even cry "A Free Fatherland or
Death, We shall Win!.  That was the same slogan as that of the MRTA (Tupac
Amaru guerillas of a Castro like orientation - more on these later - A.O.)".

"The decisions arrived at in this Congress (PUM's Congress) result in the
resignation of around 20% of the militants, among them 5 parliamentarians,
including Carlos Tapia (now an "unemployed" Senderologist - A.O.) and
Santiago Pedraglio (now a scribe for the "La Republica" bourgeois
newspaper), and also national leaders such as Michel Azcueta (already known
in this list), the former Mayor of Villa El Salvador.  These leaders
advocated participation in the government as a valid alternative, and
rejected any military confrontation (not that the others who remained behind
ever confronted anything militarily except in words - A.O.)".

"On the other hand, the reformists and legalists or social democrats like
Barrantes - which were so labelled by those groups who considered that
getting close with the MRTA would be something positive - fearing a military
coup, began to propose supporting Alan Garcia at a moment when the social
and economic crisis had become extremely grave. They even began advocating
that there was a need to establish good relations with the International
Monetary Fund".

"The Congress of the United left, in January 1989, results in the
confrontation between these two tendencies. If it is true that initially the
slogan was "for popular, democratic government in 1990", the majority of
delegates opted for a moderate line:  "Against reformist strategies and
military adventurism".  A few days later, Henry Peace (a former right-wing
Christian Democrat and clericalist element of my University days - A.O.) is
proclaimed as candidate for president while various forces reject him.....
and what was going badly, became worse: A meagre 6% of votes against
Fujimori and Vargas Llosa (in 1990)".

"This romantic illusion blows up completely at the end of 1990, when
Fujimori launches its terrible economic measures (IMF program or Fuji-shock)
while in the Ministers of Agriculture, Education and Mining - obtained from
Fujimori as a prize for electoral endorsement (in the second round against
Vargas Llosa) - there were appointed members of the United Left who were
thus exposed as accomplices (of the regime's starvation and robbery of the
masses -  A.O)."

"The PUM, and other political forces, finally withdraw from this political
front.  And to end this story, in the elections for a Constituent Assembly
which Fujimori (after his self-coup of April 92) called last November called
for voting blank as a form of protest against the dictator.  (Protest, but
no revolutionary struggle, heh?.  Everyone protests and issues demands from
the safety of the side-lines and the final bankruptcy of the lectoral road
to which they cling like limpets, heh?  A.O.)".

"Those who still call themselves the Left and took part in the elections,
achieved 3% of the votes (1993 - in 1995 they were - as mentioned, down to
0.4%), putting together all the votes of all the fractions".

Now this is the story of the Peruvian "left" told by one of these same
"leftist" wind-bag leaders who the Trotskyst want the PCP to subordinate
their weapons too!.  For any more such "modest" wishes, please go to the
nearest wishing well and drop a coin!  Or better still, buy a lottery ticket
and wait in front of your TV set for the "Big Finger" to say:  It can be you!

Adolfo Olaechea

Interview taken from the book "Peru - the possible paths" by Hernando Clavo
and Katjlin Declerq.

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