The PCP-SL and the Peruvian Trotskyists

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Olaechea said:

>What kind of United Front is that?  A united front to "resist Fujimori".
>...  In other
>words, the Trotskyst in Peru are for a United Front with the pro-imperialist
>bourgeoisie (Perez de Cuellar, the main opposition candidate in the last
>elections was the UN Secretary Genral most subsirvient to US imperialism
>even than Butros Butros Gali).
>When the Peruvian Trotskyst speak then of a United Front and in the same
>breath of a "national agreement for peace", what are they really saying
>behind all their hoopla about "peoples organisations"?
>They are speaking of an electoral front for "peaceful struggle" to "resist"
>Fujimori.  With whom?  With all those willing to resist him for whatever
>reason, that is -as the logic of the concrete sutuation would per force
>dictate it - with Javier Perez de Cuellar's "Union for the people of Peru"!
>Moreover, since they the tiny-teeny weeny Trotskyst sects - together with
>all the so called left including the very bogus "stalinist" currents you
>think I am defending - cannot master but 0.4% of the vote, while de Cuellar
>has a substancial share of the vote (around 20%), this United Front, to be
>able to represent even the barest glimpse of an illusion of getting rid of
>Fujimori by "peaceful means", would in fact have to be - whatever the
>Peruvian Trotskysts say - a front led and controlled by the pro-imperialist

Olaechea is a professional story-teller and slander-machine. The trotskyists in
Peru don't have AT ALL such positions.

PODER OBRERO (Workers Power) is against any kind of fronts with any wing of
the Bourgeoisie. On the contrary, the stalinists (including the PCP-SL), are
in favour of united fronts with and behind the national bourgeoisie. The
stalinists from the PCP-Unidad and PCP Patria Roja created the United Left
with and behind general Rodriguez, former Pinochetist Mufarech, big bank
owner Mohme, etc.

The stalinists from the PCP-SL supported the PCP history until 1964. Before
that year the PCP supported Presidents Prado (1939-45) and Bustamante
(1945-48) and their presidential candidates were Belaunde (1963) and general
Pando and the reactionary priest Bolo (1962, 1963). Belaunde was in power in
1963-68 and in 1980-85 and he massacred THOUSANDS OF PEASANTS.

The PCP-SL is in favour of a "democratic republic" with the national
bourgeoisie. In fact, in the areas in which the PCP-SL have some control
they are supporting the NATIONAL BOURGEOISIE. Lets give some example.
In the Hualaga river (the main area influenced by the PCP-SL, which is also
the region that produces more than 50% of the world's cocaine), the PCP-SL
didn't expropriate the drug dealers and the powerful mafiosi. The PCP-SL
exchanges with them coca or cocaine and it protects them against the army.
I am in favour of the legalisation of the coca production but also for the
expropriation of the mafiosi. The PCP-SL is establishing its "new power"
with these lumpen wings of the national bourgeoisie.

For Abimael Guzman, "Chairman Gonzalo", the "national bourgeoisie" is today
Fujimori. That's why Gonzalo and the great majority of the PCP-SL prisoners
are in favour of a national agreement with him. Feliciano's PCP-SL is trying
to accumulate power to make a later deal with a bourgeois wing.

We are in favour of resisting and overthrowing not only Fujimori but the
entire capitalist class. The PCP-SL is against the overthrowing of the
capitalist class because they are in favour of a new (capitalist) republic
which would protect the interests of the national bourgeoisie.

We are proposing to the left, anti-imperialist and workers organisations,
and only to them (not to any Perez de Cuellar, Fujimori, APRA or Mohme) to
make a workers and anti-imperialist united front to defend the toilers
against the Fujimori attacks and to re-organise the unions, to create
councils and militias, etc. A united front is not a party. As Lenin said
"march separately but strike together".

The PCP-SL is making a kamikaze policy. We ask them, STOP attacking the rest
of the left and the workers movement, stop the violent actions against our
working class. Change your policies, accept the decisions of the mass
assemblies and make a united front with the people's and workers

On the questions of the votes. Now the United Left had less than 1/2% of the
votes. Nevertheless, in 1978-80 the Trotskyists had more than 12% and in all
the 1980s the United Left had between 1/4 and 1/3 of the votes. When the
PCP-SL wants they talk about votes, when they don't want they try to appear
as "anti-electoralists". Why were they so sectarian towards the trotskyists
or the united left when they were mass movements?

The real thing is that because of the criminal mistakes of the United Left
and the PCP-SL the left is shrinking in Peru. The PCP-SL is ten times
smaller now than in 1989-91. Feliciano's PCP-SL doesn't control any
provincial city. It's an extreme marginal force which is no longer consider
a threat to the state. The main leader of the PCP-SL, Gonzalo, is today
supporting the regime. The leadership of the PCP-SL ended as all the
mao-stalinist leaders always finished, they capitulated to the reaction.
Stalin made his pact with Hitler and later with Roosvelt and Churchil. Mao
made his pacts with Nixon. The Vietnamese stalinists are now US friends.
That's the tragedy of stalinism.

The trotksyist have a complete different strategy. We are against any kind
of popular front for the votes (United Left) or for the weapons (PCP-SL &
MRTA). We are for the working class self-emancipation. We are for organising
the toilers resistance against capitalist attacks, for rebuilding unions,
for creating councils and militias and for a future proletarian

The PCP-SL is opposed to the strikes and to the workers organisations. They
called for the smashing of the unions and people's assemblies. They kill
HUNDREDS of comrades. They are for a bloc with the national bourgeoisie and
for a new (bourgeois) state. The PCP (Unidad), the PCP (Bandera Roja) and
the PCP (Patria Roja) have their own bloc with the "national bourgeoisie"
which is expressed in marching behind Perez de Cuellar. The PCP Gonzalo has
its own bloc of "peace agreement" with and behind Fujimori. The PCP
Feliciano has its blocs with the coca-mafia "national bourgeoisie".

The PCP-SL is not a workers revolutionary force. It's a petit bourgeois
anti-imperialist movement which we defend against reaction and repression
but which is also a counter-revolutionary force against the workers
movement and its organisations, councils and militias' revolution.

J. Ponce

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