Land reform under the Afghan communists

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sun Oct 6 10:53:29 MDT 1996

On Sun, 6 Oct 1996, Louis R Godena wrote:

> A second period of land reform (1983-85) proved even more ambitious.    An
> additional 450, 000 families were granted farming land--though many of the
> affected areas had only recently been won from "bandit" control and were
> considered too politically unstable to effect reforms.    New subsidies were
> granted to those in the areas of new crop development at exponentially

Louis P.: What's the matter with you, Louis? Don't you know that factoids
about how much land was distributed just get in the way of the search for
the truth. In order to understand Afghanistan, it is much more helpful to
talk about the Spanish Civil War or some other historical period. I think
that Hugh might also have a problem in that I gather he doesn't own a copy
of the Cambridge History of Afghanistan.

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