Unmasking the counter-revolutionaries Trostkysts in Peru and their carrier pigeons abroad:

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Unmasking the counter-revolutionaries Trostkysts in Peru and their carrier
pigeons abroad:

Here is what the "Peruvian Trotskyst Ponce" had to say:

>The trotkyists in
>Peru are fighting for united front actions with the unions and the left to
>resist Fujimori attacks. We ask the few PCP-SL which continue opposing
>Gonzalo's "national agreement for peace" to subordinate their weapons and
>militias to the decisions of the workers and peasant assemblies and
>movement and that, instead of maintaining a sectarian sterile militarist
>campaign, they should build a united front.


But the real question here is to find out which true workers and peasant
assemblies have in Peru taken a decission to accept the "national agreement
for peace"?  Not a single one.

What are the so called workers and peasant assemblies these gentlefolk speak
of then, and which maybe anything more than figments of their Intergalactic
imaginations? - what is that these "leftists militants" call the "people's
organisations" in Peru?

Those working within the legal frame-work of the Peruvian state.  I.e.
bosses and scab unions, and the fascist style organisations of
"participatory democracy" set up by the Peruvian Military High Command, such
as Mother Courage style "popular dinners", "children milk programs",
"peasant cooperatives", imperialist funded Non-governmental organisms,
assistentialist social-democratic and imperialist promoted charitable and
"solidarity" organisms, the Church manipulated assistance organisms,
counter-revolutionary Rondas (para-military militias) and other such like
organism which are subsummed in the jargon of the "left" in Peru (with which
the Trotskyst want to set-up a United Front) as the "people's organisations"
and which they simply rename as "workers and peasant assemblies":

Here is what the Fujimori ponce actually says:

 The trotkyists in
>Peru are fighting for united front actions with the unions and the left to
>resist Fujimori attacks.

Therefore, it is not a question of workers and peasants struggling for power
and setting up Soviets, but a question of United Front with the "unions and
the left" to "resist Fujimori" - i.e. to resist Fujimori's economic policies
(trade unions ARE organs of the economic struggle and nothing more) in the
name of purely economicistic demands that currently are the laughing stock
of the masses:  More pay! - there where there is 90% plus unemployment and
factories lay idle.  More money for development - there where this money
that the Peruvian economy is sold to the imperialist monopolies lock-stock
and barrel!.

Thus is the "Trotskyst policy for Peru" as advanced by the Poder Obrero
Ponces by means of their "Rodwell style Trotskyst comrades abroad", in a

And here is what these "people's organisations" really mean in the very
words of the Peruvian Military High Command who are the pupeeteers of this show:

"If our answer (the counter-revolutionary answer of the old rotten Peruvian
state) continues to be approached in this fashion, if we have (the services
of) many Maria Elena Moyanos (United Left "martyr" and organiser of
paramilitary bands to defend the old Peruvian state - executed by a women's
guerilla detachment of the People's Guerilla Army - A.O.)within different
organisms which may serve for beginning to knit together the social body, we
could then begin to control the insurgency"

"And OUR idea (the fascists and bloodsoaked Generals OWN VERY IDEA!) was to
fight in those places where the young people who were
taking up arms against the system were being recruited. In the schools, in
the Universities, in the peasant organisations, in the working class
organisations, in the township organisms. To wage an unarmed, psychological

"When in 1968 the government of General Velasco arises and distances itself
>from the USA, that is what it was done: To iniciate the change(1).  Taking
into account the NECESSITY (2) that the population should have social
participation, (Velasco's government) promoted (the formation) of its
organisations so that they could take part in the political life of the country"

(1)  here it becomes crystal clear who is behind these "peoples
organisations" of the bogus left:  The counter-revolutionary plans of the
Peruvian Military High Command.  General Cisneros himself gives the
background to this change  - a fascist "change" oriented to the prevention
of the revolution and the maintenance by way of "reforms" of a fascist
nature (regimentation of the masses Mussolini and Franco style) of the old
Pervian state of these very rich and powerful men living in their walled and
fortified villas: "Look here. We had a guerilla experience in 65.  President
Belaunde himself authorised the Army to intervene and in six months the
problem was over.  When these actions were finished (i.e. the revolution was
defeated), the Army presented a report to the government which ended in this
fashion: "It is high time to change from above, BECAUSE IF WE DO NOT DO THIS
WE RUN THE RISK that the change would occur FROM BELOW, with violence and

In other words, the very same "clever" policy of the XIX Century Italian
aristocrats as depicted in the Visconti film "The Leopard":  "We must change
in order that things remain the same" - In other words, Fascism, today at
the service of the New Fascist world order of US imperialism!

(2)  These "people's organisations", which are but a fascist regimentation
of the masses, are rightly seen by the Military High Command as a
REACTIONARY NECESSITY to maintain their rotten semi-colonial and semi-feudal
state.  A BULKWARD OF REACTION, not of revolution.  And to the decisions of
these, the Trots want those who have ARMED THEMSELVES, to submit their
weapons.  In other words:  To surrender to the monkeys of the Military/CIA
organ grinders!  How cheeky these fleas can be. (*)

(*) All quotations above are from the Interview with
Luis Cisneros Vizquerra
Former Divisional General Peruvian Army
Former Minister of War and Minister of Defense

There it is - in technicolor - the clown like exertions of "Peruvian
Trotskysm" on behalf of imperialism's NEW FASCISM.

Adolfo Olaechea

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