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Sun Oct 6 11:08:30 MDT 1996

Richard Wrote:

>I am glad that you will be achieving your life-time dream. Why did it
>take until now to achieve it?
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     Well, friend, it is kind of a long story.  In a nutshell, one word
sums it up best:  ignorance.  Ignorance on the part of those people who
were "there to help."  I have been a believing Communist/Marxist for 4
years, and this adherence has cost me many friends and acquaintances, and
has made me the brunt of many jokes and witch hunts.  I live in a small,
somewhat affluent Michigan town of about 1000 people, with Flint being
the nearest big city to me.  In my town, the majority of the people are
snobby busybodies who are in the PTA, go to picnics, and go to church on
Sunday.  They expect everybody else to do the same and live in their
capitalist's "utopia", or to be blacklisted by them.  I chose to think
for myself and to think about the collective good of all, and this put a
few noses out of joint.  I have persevered through all of this, but
whenever I would ask for an address or phone number of the American
Communist Party, even at my library, they would pretend like they knew
not what I was talking about.  Oh well.  Now I subscribe to this list,
and have found many people who think like me.  For this I am grateful,
and I want to thank all of you for being on this list.  I urge everyone
to stay on the list and to use this place as a safeguard for our dream,
and a beacon from which to dispell the ignorance that is harbored by the
American people, as well as others.

Fraternally Yours In Marxism,

Anthony J. Caruso
acaruso at

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