The PCP-SL and the Peruvian Trotskyists

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Sun Oct 6 11:49:28 MDT 1996

At 3:43 PM 10/6/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:

>The trotksyist have a complete different strategy. We are against any kind
>of popular front for the votes (United Left) or for the weapons (PCP-SL &
>MRTA). We are for the working class self-emancipation. We are for organising
>the toilers resistance against capitalist attacks, for rebuilding unions,
>for creating councils and militias and for a future proletarian

If this is what Trots are all about, why then have they failed so dismally
in the world of real politics? Why do Trot parties constantly split, purge,
and devolve into strange personality cults? Does their tendency to parse
every phrase for subtle evidence of heresy have anything to do with it? Or
their habit of repeating empty formulas endlessly (as demonstrated by our
own power trio Malecki-Rodwell-Vlad)?

Look at this piece of dead prose excerpted above? "Against any kind of
popular front." "Toilers resistance." "Rebuilding unions." "Future
proletarian insurrection." The same phrases pockmark virtually every
pronunciamento coming from the Trot faithful - and every one as empty. Just
*how* do you propose to do these things? By muttering the stale
incantations in the hope that the "toilers" will sign up?

Say what you like about Adolfo, but he's rooted in a real struggle in a
real country, and shows real knowledge of Peru's political and social
structures. The power trio is rooted in nothing more substantial than their
own fantasies of doctrinal purity, fertilized with litanies of 60 years



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