Against the Rotten Block

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Oct 6 17:19:03 MDT 1996

>At 1:29 AM 10/6/96, Vladimir Bilenkin wrote:
>>This is then how we solve the apparent paradox of the arch-rotten
>>block between the social-imperialist defender of the U.S. labor
>>aristocracy Mr. Henwood and the flaming anti-imperialist and the
>>"smasher" of the U.S. labor aristocracy Mr. Oleachea.

Doug immediately steps in to back up the "psychiatric ploy":

>Another aspect of schizophrenia is apparent not only in this posting, but
>in those of the participants that VB refers to as "orthodox Trotskyists."
>In my book, "orthodox" is generally a term of abuse, but I'll let that pass
>for now and focus instead on the (literally) schizophrenic use of language
>- the severance of signifier and signified, the concretization of language,
>the repeating of stock phrases ("yellow journalist Proyect," "rotten
>block," etc.) that are more like ritual incantations than efforts to
>communicate or persuade.

Gnats and camels. He hopes everybody'll think good ole Louis P and good ole
Adolfo are out to communicate and persuade. And of course they *never* ever
resort to ritual incantation.

Doug rounds off:

>Vlad, maybe you should give up on the politics for a while and return to
>literary studies, which I'm sure you're quite good at, or maybe step out of
>"the archives" and wander a bit around North Carolina and learn something
>about the lives of real people. Let me know how many labor aristocrats you
>find around Harnett County (1990 census median household income: $21,743,
>or 72% of U.S. average).

Arrogant, patronizing -- and wishful thinking. Underlying message "Get off
our turf!". Conclusion: Vlad hit a nerve.



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