The murder of Roberto Chiara : Notes of a social-democrat gasbag

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Sun Oct 6 20:11:00 MDT 1996

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Adolfo roars like an angry vole :

>The Trots allege without proof that Shining Path kills "leftists"
>which they proclaim as such themselves - stuff it buddy!  See what
>happens to you when the accounts are settled - then you will have
the >proof you want - of your obsoslescent innanity.  Revolutionary
>history is written by the masses in action, not by social-democrat
>gas bags!

Our material on the murder of Roberto Chiara by PCP/SL was posted two
years ago on the public record. If you have either

        evidence to disprove our published account, or
        evidence to back up your claim that the workers ordered the

then put it up for discussion. EVIDENCE, Adolfo, not, bluster,
slander, baseless accusation or evasion. Until you can do that
NOTHING you write need be taken seriously on this list.
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