The PCP-SL and the Peruvian Trotskyists

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Oct 6 17:19:05 MDT 1996

I wrote:
>>>The trotksyist have a complete different strategy. We are against any kind
>>>of popular front for the votes (United Left) or for the weapons (PCP-SL &
>>>MRTA). We are for the working class self-emancipation. We are for organising
>>>the toilers resistance against capitalist attacks, for rebuilding unions,
>>>for creating councils and militias and for a future proletarian

Adolfo was desperate to find an opening and wrote:

>Rodwell is against "any kind of United Front".  (his words above)

My words, as Adolfo might have noticed if he could read, were:

        We are against any kind of popular front

A popular front, for anybody with any knowledge at all of Marxism and the
history of our epoch, is not the same as a united front.



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