Who is the counter-revolutionary?

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I've been asked to forward this reply to Adolfo's latest distortions.




More slanders from Olaechea.

As we saw before Olaechea showed his incredible capacity to slander and
distort reality:

* He said that he led a soviet in Lima in 1963 and he only was an activist
in a student university occupation.

* He said that Hugo Blanco supported the Peruvian dictatorship (1968-75)
when he was in jail or persecuted by it, while Olaechea was out of the
struggle in London since the mid-1960s.

* He said that 90% of Peruvians are unemployed, something that is impossible
to prove because its false! He also said that there are no workers and
factories! Peru is not Afghanistan. We had MILLIONs of wage workers and
thousands of factories and mines.

* He said that Chiara was a spy which deserved to die and later he
admitted that he didn't know who he was.

* He said that the general strikes in Peru weren't important. We proved that
they were massive and they got rid of the military junta in the late 1970s.

* He said that the PCP-SL controlled 40% of the Peruvian territory. He
couldn't reply when we prove to him that the PCP-SL doesn't control a
single of any of the more than 150 provincial capitals of Peru and that the

PCP-SL doesn't have any plane, helicopter or tank or any kind of strategic

* He can't give evidence that Gonzalo is 10 meters under the floor (his
invention) and he can't prove that it isn't true that Gonzalo is
advocating the "peace agreement" with the support of more than 90% of the
thousands of PCP-SL prisoners.

* He couldn't prove that everybody are CIA and Fujimori agents from the
reformist left through all the trotskyists and the people responsible for
the PCP-SL Web Page and the PCP-SL's international (the MRI).

* etc., etc.

Despite all his lies, the slander machine continues attacking. I will
unmask his lies:

$ Adolfo Slander-chea:


I clearly said that I emphatically reject the peace agreement and that's a
historic betrayal of Guzman-Gonzalo.

$ Adolfo Slander-chea:

"here it becomes crystal clear who is behind these "peoples
organisations" of the bogus left:  The counter-revolutionary plans of the
Peruvian Military High Command. "

"These "people's organisations", which are but a fascist regimentation
of the masses, are rightly seen by the Military High Command as a
REACTIONARY NECESSITY to maintain their rotten semi-colonial and semi-feudal
state.  A BULKWARD OF REACTION, not of revolution.  And to the decisions of
these, the Trots want those who have ARMED THEMSELVES, to submit their
weapons.  In other words:  To surrender to the monkeys of the Military/CIA
organ grinders!  How cheeky these fleas can be. "

Olaechea is calling ALL the workers and popular organisations "fascist"
and part of the Peruvian military high command.

The unions, factory committees, national and regional federations, the
shanty towns committees, the peasant unions, the popular co-operatives, etc.
are genuine constructions of millions of workers and peasants for
generations. Thousands were killed building these organisations.
Many of them are today led by bureaucrats, reformists and pro-bourgeois
leaders, but that doesn't mean that we have to condemn all of them. It means
that we should fight INSIDE them to democratise them and to build a new
revolutionary leadership.

For the PCP-SL all of them are "reactionaries" and they only deserve
destruction. That's why the PCP-SL boycotted all the general strikes since
the late 1970s until the late 1980s and why they call for the smashing of
the CGTP (biggest trade union confederation led by the reformist left) and
the People's assembly (proto-soviet created in 1987). That's why the PCP-SL
justified the killing of hundreds of activists from all the biggest
political tendencies in the left.

$ Adolfo Slander-chea:

"There it is - in technicolor - the clown like exertions of "Peruvian
Trotskysm" on behalf of imperialism's NEW FASCISM."

The people that read the messages in the marxism-list know that the
trotskyist are a militant and far left wing of the workers movement. Who
would believe that trotskyism is a form of nazi-fascism?
That provocation served to kill hundreds of trotskyists everywhere.

$ Adolfo Slander-chea:

"Besides the obvious conclusions that - rejecting alliances with the
anti-Fujimori sections of the big bourgeoisie their United Front will be
reduced only to a united front with the bogus left, which in the last
elections had but merely a 0.4% of the VALID VOTES (less than 0.2% of the
electorate) - this United Front - since at the same time they promote the
"National Agreement for Peace" is nothing but an attempt to get back the
votes they lost to the People's War.
In other words, a little tiny flea of
less than 0.2% of the population of Peru wants to subordinate to itself the
weapons and militias of those who have ACTUALLY TAKEN THEM from the hands of
the reactionary state"

**Who is the counter-revolutionary? The trotskyists which are advocating a
proletarian revolution or the mao-stalinists that destroy workers
organisations, kill hundreds of militants and call for a new bourgeois

Olaechea is an electoralist. For him the left and the unions are only 0.2%
of the votes. Hundreds of thousands of workers and million of peasants and
shanty town people are inside the unions and people's organisations.

We are not trying to build electoral blocs. I am against any kind of front
with any wing of the bourgeoisie. The PCP-SL is in favour of doing that. The
Gonzalo wing think that Fujimori is that progressive wing. Feliciano think
that the progressive wing are the narco-mafiosi of the Huallaga river.

Poder Obrero is in favour of a united front of all the unions and people's
organisation for defending wages, living conditions, wages and freedoms and
for organising a mass counter-offensive against the regime.

The PCP-SL is completely absent from all the oil workers demonstrations and
>from nearly all the workers strikes. The PCP-SL is a petit bourgeois
militarist party hostile to imperialism but also hostile to the workers

$ Adolfo Slander-chea:

Poder Obrero and the trotskyists advocates "the road of surrender to the
"popular organisations" strategy of the Military High Command, the CIA and
the Fujimori regime!."

No! That's the strategy of Gonzalo who is supporting Fujimori.

I am for uniting the workers movement against the capitalists. The PCP-SL is
for dividing and destroying the workers movement with the aim to support one
section of the bourgeoisie against another. The PCP-SL already capitulated
to the dictatorship. A minority arms in hand doesn't, but their policies
would lead them to that betrayal.

J. Ponce

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