Statement to Tony Blair

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Sun Oct 6 17:18:58 MDT 1996

>Russell writes:
>>  Given the inherent racism and pro-imperialist politics of the Labour Party,
>> why not simply: "We commit ourselves to fight Labour- in opposition or in
>> office"?

Adam replies:

>Your ultra left writing off of the majority of Labour and Trade
>Union activists is all very well. But it leaves you shouting from
>the sidelines. In the meantime, we are able to capitalise on the
>discontent with Blair and co in the core of the working class.
>In order to swim against the stream, you have to get wet. Your
>ultra leftism is just an excuse to pretend the stream isn't

Can't you just tell there's an election due!

Adam identifies the core of the working class with the Labour Party. This
is a joke. The core of the working class (does he mean vanguard in
consciousness, or industrial proletariat or what?) has never been further
>from the Labour Party. Even if many still see it as *their* party, they'll
dump Blair and all who cleave to him as soon as they see a viable
alternative. And the viability will have to be both political and

But to accept an alternative, they've got to *see* an alternative. The same
old running for Mother's skirts as soon as an election heaves into view is
a cop-out and a betrayal at the present time, and a hangover from electoral
fetishism in relation to the Labour Party.

Christ, even Militant got wise eventually!

Shouting from the sidelines by being outside Labour??? Like during the
Miners' Strike, the Anti-Poll-Tax agitation and now during the Dockers'

Russell's concerns leave out the Tory union policies and brutal
anti-welfare policies of the Labour Party.

It'll be interesting to see if anyone pushes a nostalgic "Let's get back to
the real Labour" line as the election gets nearer.



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