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Sun Oct 6 17:19:00 MDT 1996

I wrote:

>>So why all the pissing around the pot? Why all the tittle-tattle about
>>figures in the bourgeois democratic establishment who are never ever ever
>>going to realize a single democratic demand that actually satisfies the
>>needs of the whole people?

And Doug thought he'd found an opening:

>"The whole people"? What a strange concept coming from an alleged Marxist.
>Whatever happened to class conflict, Comrade?

"Bourgeois democratic establishment", "democratic demands", Doug, rule of
the people and all that. Society from a bourgeois perspective.

Doug is so blunted in his reactions to bourgeois chicanery in the
imperialist epoch that he doesn't remember what a democratic demand is.

There was a hell of a debate on all this between Lenin and Kautsky and, in
parallel, Trotksy and Kautsky.

>Your professed indifference to bourgeois politics is also strangely

Gossip about shifting sands that doesn't mean doodely squat.

>I seem to remember Marx writing quite a bit about the various
>competing fractions in British and French politics, and he even had a thing
>or two to say about U.S. politics - even getting into the structure and
>meaning of the U.S. Senate.

He rarely neglected to give the class and sectoral roots of the politicians
he pilloried.

>Much easier to stay pure and denounce everyone else's impurities
>and betrayals.

Tired old putdown. Read Hegel on Innocence in the Phenomenology.



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