In defence of Roberto Chiara and others killed by the PCP-SL

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The following is forwarded from Poder Obrero, Peru

Barkley Rosser said:
" Adolfo,
     I am sympathetic with parts of your argument, not with
others... As regards the case of Chiara, who you say may not
even exist, it remains a bit premature for you to declare
that he clearly must have been a class enemy.  This could
have been a mistake or just plain wrong, even if the
larger cause can be justified and is gaining the genuine
support of the masses.  All along my complaint about your
approach has been your propensity to simply assume that
anything done by whomever you support must be correct,
period, and that anybody raising questions about it must be
all kinds of things that you call lots of people on this
list on a very frequent basis.
     BTW, do you have a response to what the _Revolutionary
History_ editor has had to say about Chiara?"

> >     OK, fair enough.  You don't know who this Chiara was.
> >I don't either.  If you don't, then why are you so sure
> >that the decision to execute him was made fairly "by the
> >masses," if indeed he was executed by the PCP, or if indeed
> >he ever existed?

Barkley is right. Adolfo is a professional slander machine.
Olaechea recognised that "the case of Walter Chiara - if it is a real
case at all - cannot but be part of this counter-revolutionary
propaganda machine" He *doesn't know* who Chiara was because he
completely ignores the Peruvian  WORKERS MOVEMENT.

Olaechea lived in a fantasy world. For about 30 years absent from
Peruvian class struggle, he only believe in his own lies. For him in
Peru there is the dictatorship and there is the PCP-SL. Everything
else is a supporter of the regime or "counter-revolutionary

We will DEFEND Olaechea against any repression. We unconditionally
defend the freedom of all the PCP-SL (Feliciano pro-armed struggle),
PCP-SL (Gonzalo pro-peace agreement), MRTA, FGP and other left and
trade union prisoners. We are for a UNITED FRONT of all the left and
unions in Peru against Fujimori. Nevertheless, the PCP-SL are against
that. They not only reject united fronts but they KILL comrades which
advocated that policy (like Chiara).

For the PCP-SL ALL, absolutely ALL the left are part of the enemy.

For the PCP_SL:
* Blanco, who led the biggest peasant rebellion in the 1950s and
1960s is a CIA agent.
* The MRTA who led the *only* armed occupation of a medium city in
Peru (Juanjui) and who had HUNDREDS of members murdered by the army
is accused by the PCP-SL of being agents of the APRA,
social-imperialism, etc.

Barkley doesn't know very well what is happening in Peru. The PCP-SL
is so SECTARIAN that they KILL fighters from every significant left

Roberto Chiara was an extraordinary popular leader, a symbol of the
"classist" activists. He was one of the most pro-PCPSL comrades of
trotskyist and far left milieu. Nevertheless, because he remained
critical and independent to the PCP-SL, he was murdered.

He is not the only good left militant who was killed. When the PCP-SL
tried to enter in the miners unions they use violence. For example,
they entered in one mass workers assembly in CentroMin Peru and they
killed the main leader because he was not a supporter of his party.
Saul Cantoral, the brave leader of the Miners national federation,
murdered with a note which claimed that the PCP-SL punished him. He
was a person that led various indefinite general strikes. He was a
Peruvian Scargill but with much more radical profile. Cantoral had
sympathies with the MRTA's armed struggle and some trotskyist
supporters. Until now the PCP-SL didn't reject the accusation that
they kill him.

The following are the left anti-imperialist parties which had
murdered by the PCP-SL:
* PCP-Unidad (pro-Moscow), including Huillca, the general secretary
of the CGTP (Peruvian union confederation)
* PUM (United Mariateguist Party). It was the biggest new left party
which have comrades from Maoist, Castroite, Trotskyist and "socialist
democratic" traditions.
* PC del P (Patria Roja). Maoist pro-Beijing.
* PCP (Bandera Roja). Former Gonzalo's party which supported the
Albanian Workers Party.
* UDP (far left Castroite group opposed to the United Left).
* MRTA (Peruvian version of the Nicaraguan, Salvadorean, Colombian
Mexican guerrillas).
* Trotskyists.

The PCP-SL is so sectarian that they *put bombs* into nearly all the
embassies from countries ruled by "Communist parties". In the 1980s
the embassies and/or representatives of China, Albania, Cuba, USSR,
etc. were attacked some times in several moments.

The PCP-SL is so sectarian that they oppose to give any kind of
defence of Cuba, China, former USSR or former Albania "socialist"
regime against imperialism or capitalist restoration. For them, the
destruction of "revisionism" is something that they agree, even it
could be carried by the world bourgeoisie.

Today the PCP-SL is in SERIOUS decline. The two PCP_SL fraction, the
pro-peace agreement with Fujimori lead by "President Gonzalo", and
pro-war lead by Feliciano, are killing each other.

In Peru the workers movement is in a very bad situation because we
have two stalinist leadership that crushed our class. The
electoralist stalinist with their counter-revolutionary popular front
(the United Left) supported the capitalist state and demobilised the
workers. The militarist stalinists (PCP_SL and MRTA) opposed workers
councils and militias and made violence without and even against the

The PCP-SL is shrinking. His great leader is openly using the TV for
advocating a peace agreement with the dictatorship. 30,000 people
killed with his misleadership. In Bolivia, the former great leader of
the 1970-71 "people's war", chairman Rolando and his PC-Marxist
Leninist, ended supporting the neo-liberal governments. "Rolando" as
minister of labour was in charge of persecuting workers leaders and
the COB.

Mao-Stalinism ALWAYS betrays. Mao-stalinism is against a workers
council revolution. They are for making united governments with the
national bourgeoisie. When they use violence they only try to bargain
some space in the system. Like the Bolivian PC-ML, the Colombian
PCC-ML, etc. they are condemned to betray and became imperialist

There are few pro-PCPSL forces that are not following Gonzalo's peace
agreement. We call them to study genuine Bolshevism (Trotskyism) and
to don't capitulate to Fujimori. They should change the strategy of
people's war for a people's republic with the national capitalists,
and adopt the strategy for a proletarian revolution and the building
of a mass working class party.

If Olaechea is a serious fighter, and not only a charlatan, he should
examine seriously what is happening. He needs to re-evaluate maoism.
Most probably it's too late. Olaechea is to old to change. His
policies are consisting in inventing facts. He was the great leader
of a Lima soviet which never existed. Blanco, who was in jail or
persecuted by Velasco, supported that regime. Quispe and the
pro-PCPSL "Red Flag", Poder Obrero, Hugh, Malecki, Plant, Ruiz, Ponce
and every body that disagree with him are agents. The CIA is so
powerful that it have MILLIONS of agents in every corner of the
planet trying to fight against the few hundreds of thousands of
pro-Feliciano forces.

Poder Obrero Peru

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