Godenas defends Adolfo : notes of a social democratic gasbag

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Sun Oct 6 23:20:00 MDT 1996

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Louis G wrote :

>We have already seen how "Commander Quispe" and his tiny but noisy
entourage of Manhattan-based "PCP guerrillas" discredited themselves
by merely asserting, without supporting evidence,  the sins and
transgressions of their enemies.

Adolfo has been asked repeatedly to provide evidence that the workers
demanded and/or carried out the murder of Chiara. The factual account
of this incident was published in 'Revolutionary History' over 2
years ago and has not been challenged or questioned. Adolfo has
responded to it not with evidence but accusation and baseless
denunciation. Do you apply your strictures to him ? The only proven
case of falsification of documents in this thread is Adolfo's
falsification of Ponce's signature in a report.

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