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One last comment: Isn't this sheer elitism?  You must be a bona fide
graduate student in order to take part in an Award contest on the
Philosophical Study of Marxism!   -  Marxism is for the masses, not just for
the priviliged aspiring Professors!

Adolfo olaechea

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>                  The John Somerville Peace Essay Award
>                    For Graduate Students In Philosophy
>     This award will be administered by the Society for the Philosophical
>Study of Marxism, of which John Somerville was a co-founder and first
>president.  It will be given annually in the amount of $500. In the spirit
>of the Marxist-humanist approach of John Somerville, the essay should
>analyze critically one or more of the themes treated in his writings.
>These themes include the philosophy of peace, war and omnicide, social and
>political philosophy, philosophy of international relations, as well as
>the standard problems of philosophy.  Essays are invited from men and
>women through- out the world who, at the time of submitting the paper, are
>registered as graduate students in philosophy, or can give some other
>proof that they are bona fide graduate students.  Entries should be
>unpublished, typed double-spaced in English, 5,000 to 10,000 words in
>length, and submitted in triplicate.  They should be accompanied by an
>abstract of not more than 300 words.  The deadline is January 1, 1997.  To
>ensure a blind review of all entries, the essay and the abstract should be
>accompanied by a sealed envelope containing the name and address of the
>entrant and the title of the essay.  Essays will not be returned.  The
>judges will be selected by the executive committee of the Society.  If the
>receiver of the award resides in North America, he or she will normally be
>expected to read his essay at a meeting of the Society in the Easter,
>Pacific or Central Division meeting of the American Philosophical
>Association.  The Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism reserves
>the right to publish all or part of the winning essay.
>Essays should be sent to James Lawler Philosophy Department, SUNY at
>Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, 14260, tel: 716-645-2444 ext. 770, fax:
>716-645-6139, e-mail: jlawler at acsu.buffalo.edu
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