The murder of Roberto Chiara : Notes of a social-democrat gasbag

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Sun Oct 6 23:33:35 MDT 1996

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>Adolfo roars like an angry vole :
>>The Trots allege without proof that Shining Path kills "leftists"
>>which they proclaim as such themselves - stuff it buddy!  See what
>>happens to you when the accounts are settled - then you will have
>the >proof you want - of your obsoslescent innanity.  Revolutionary
>>history is written by the masses in action, not by social-democrat
>>gas bags!
>Our material on the murder of Roberto Chiara by PCP/SL was posted two
>years ago on the public record. If you have either
>        evidence to disprove our published account, or
>        evidence to back up your claim that the workers ordered the
>then put it up for discussion. EVIDENCE, Adolfo, not, bluster,
>slander, baseless accusation or evasion. Until you can do that
>NOTHING you write need be taken seriously on this list.
>jplant at

Yes, proof Aldolfo! Stop the yellow journalism!

Bob Malecki


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