The PCP-SL and the Peruvian Trotskyists

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Sun Oct 6 23:33:37 MDT 1996

>At 3:43 PM 10/6/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>>The trotksyist have a complete different strategy. We are against any kind
>>of popular front for the votes (United Left) or for the weapons (PCP-SL &
>>MRTA). We are for the working class self-emancipation. We are for organising
>>the toilers resistance against capitalist attacks, for rebuilding unions,
>>for creating councils and militias and for a future proletarian
>If this is what Trots are all about, why then have they failed so dismally
>in the world of real politics? Why do Trot parties constantly split, purge,
>and devolve into strange personality cults? Does their tendency to parse
>every phrase for subtle evidence of heresy have anything to do with it? Or
>their habit of repeating empty formulas endlessly (as demonstrated by our
>own power trio Malecki-Rodwell-Vlad)?
>Look at this piece of dead prose excerpted above? "Against any kind of
>popular front." "Toilers resistance." "Rebuilding unions." "Future
>proletarian insurrection." The same phrases pockmark virtually every
>pronunciamento coming from the Trot faithful - and every one as empty. Just
>*how* do you propose to do these things? By muttering the stale
>incantations in the hope that the "toilers" will sign up?
>Say what you like about Adolfo, but he's rooted in a real struggle in a
>real country, and shows real knowledge of Peru's political and social
>structures. The power trio is rooted in nothing more substantial than their
>own fantasies of doctrinal purity, fertilized with litanies of 60 years
When the list liberal Henwood talks about Aldolfo being rooted in *real*
struggle he really means that Aldolfo is ready to make a deal with the
liberal bougeoisie. That is why Doug is soft on Aldolfo. A place in the sun
for the class he represents.

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