Godenas defends Adolfo : notes of a social democratic gasbag

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Sun Oct 6 19:29:08 MDT 1996

Jj Plant claims:

>Adolfo has been asked repeatedly to provide evidence that the workers
>demanded and/or carried out the murder of Chiara. The factual account
>of this incident was published in 'Revolutionary History' over 2
>years ago and has not been challenged or questioned. Adolfo has
>responded to it not with evidence but accusation and baseless
>denunciation. Do you apply your strictures to him ? The only proven
>case of falsification of documents in this thread is Adolfo's
>falsification of Ponce's signature in a report.

My dear Mr Plant;

How many people read 'Revolutionary History'?


And...that's MISTER social democratic gasbag to you,  pal!

Louis (G)

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